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Hope all is well with everyone!

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Hello my family and friends,

I honestly have been extremely busy with school, work, and flying back and forth to Denver for Kyle. I am running arond like a chicken without a head! Haha, it's okay though. I am taking it one day at a time.

So much has seemed to have happened within the last I wrote on here. I always try to at least check on everyone status once and awhile here when I get the free time. It seems like you all are doing well. You all deserve it!

Little updates here:

  • I am busting Kyle out of the hospital this upcoming Wednesday! Yay!!! He is getting released back into the wild after 23 days inpatient. His ANC: 1600 (as of today)! His cells are proliferating beautifully! The mouth sores are diminishing as well as the nausea and vomiting, as he is able to eat now. He lost around 14 lbs. However, he is excited about that. Haha. It was tough, especially not being able to be there with him 24/7. He has his good days and his bad days. However, he has done it! It is possible to all those who are about to endure this. My personal advice, mental mind strong and your faith stronger. God truly is sitting right there beside you the entire time as you are in the hospital bed. When you feel like you can't do it anymore merely trust in God. God is there. I am sitting here, I have tears of joy running down my face. I still cannot believe that 6 months ago, I jumped on to this website in chaotic tears, trying to run away from reality. I know I say this all the time, however, you all are such a blessing to me. You ALL sincerely helped me push through this. I hope some day every single one of you realizes how truly grateful and blessed I am to call you all my family and very close friends.
  • Kyle's new 2nd birthday: October 9th. Smile
  • P.S. The persevative that they use to freeze the stem cells is stinky! Hehe

  • Light the Night Walk: TeamKyle raised $2,025.00 for the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society! Woo hoo! That was such a rewarding experience to see everyone out there supporting the one's they love with their illuminated lanterns. I reminished and said a prayer for you all as well, as I walked for you.

(Half the group in this picture)

  • I graduate Nursing School in 6 months! I am almost done and will make it through! Just had to add this in there Smile

Also, Diesel says hi to everyone! Wink





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I am so happy for you guys!  Excellent work, Kyle & Michelle!


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Thank you so much for sharing, Michelle and for the love i felt reading and seeing this.  I really can't put it into words right now but you guys warmed my heart and touched me :).  Yes, spring him soon and tell him there's a hot dog with his name on it and any of his other favorites.  Hugs to you all and to Diesel :).  You're gonna make a great nurse!

Thanks again- Jim

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Thank you so much, Michelle, for sharing your beautiful photos with us. Very inspiring indeed.

Yes, I remember your very first post here. You were so scared and so upset. Understandably so. I have never, ever wanted to reach into my computer so badly, to pull someone close and hug her and let her cry on my shoulder as I did you. You have been so strong for Kyle and helped him get where he is today. Jim is right, you are going to be a great nurse! I am so proud of you.

Much love to you both,


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Thank you for sharing Michelle & Kyle!

After everything you both have been through, life just seems better doesn't :) 

You both will not take anything for granted and will enjoy even the littlest things... I think that's what cancer teaches us. 

Congratulations...You will make a wonderful nurse! Now to enjoy life...take care you two and sending you a HUGE HUG from a near by neighbor.

I love a wine that Casa Rondeña makes (Serenade) loved that place its so beautiful! I went there when I went for my graduation that UOP had in Albuquerque...when time has gone by and Kyle is healthier you both should go out and celebrate, you both deserve it!!!



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I am so overjoyed for you both.....I have been praying for you both since day #1 reading Michelle's first post. I am so happy that Kyle is able to eat now and starting to feel better. Glad you have such a huge team there supporting Kyle and all of the other patients that night. I know first hand that these things are so moving to be a part of and humbling when you realize that you are only a tiny little piece of the giant portion of people that have been touched by this disease.

I am also happy that Michelle is able to continue school and I am 100% sure that this whole experience has helped shape her into an amazing nurse with more compassion than anyone could imagine. It's hard to empathize with people until you have been through it yourself, and you my dear have experienced some GREATNESS firsthand. FAITH is the strongest tool you have to fight any battle in life, keep it near and dear.

Keep fighting Kyle!!!


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Hello to you both,

     Sorry I have been so remiss in answering.  We have been in Mexico but that is really no excuse.  Bill and I are so thrilled for you both.  For Kyle to get to go home so soon is just amazing.  Guess age has a lot to do with it but we also know he had excellent care for sure, and of most importance, support from loving family and of course the love of his life.  I have been keeping up with you on Caringbridge so just read your entry there.  Tomorrow is a big day and know it's going to be a long night of waiting.  Know one little boy named Diesel is going to be one excited "big" pup.  Our wish for you is that you never have to look back.  The future is waiting. Sleep well kids, have a beautiful tomorrow.  Bill & Becky

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