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I have been registered since April 2009, but post very seldom, but I do read all the posts, and answer when I feel I can

I was originally dx with stage 3a melanoma in 2009, had been NED until Jan 30 2013, had surgury in my right clavicle lymphnodes, which ended up being melanoma. I have been on a clinical study since, and all scans up to this point have been clear. i still worry, because I originally went so long between occurances, that it may come back. Anyone else with a similar circumstances. I am currently considered NED at stage 3c...Thanks Rhonda


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Hi, I hope I am doing this right. I just got logged on. I am not very computer smart. I am looking for 

People to talk to. I was diagnosed in aug. with melanoma stage 3 b.After I had a growth on my lower calf removed. I then 

Had two moresurgeries to remove more from my limphnodes. I am at this time cancer free but started on yervoy to possibly prolong or stop the return of any cancer. I go in for my forth treatment next thurs. I don't have any bad side effects

I have some diareah,nausea , vomiting ,itching rash,sore muscles and joints, and so very tired. I have a lot of 

Pain in the area that they did my surgery on. I am on hydrocodone for that which doesn't help with the tiredness .

I have been trying so hard to stay working. I don't know how people do it. Any advice? Suggestions?

Thanks mel

Posts: 24
Joined: May 2009

Wishing you much luck on your treatments. I'm not familiar with the yervoy, but hope it's working for you. You can only do, what you can do. Talk to your doctor, but I  feel the side effects are pretty standard. I am at the end of a clincial trial for Zelboraf, and have experienced a lot of the same side effects. Luckily, I have a wonderful job, that I am able to work  from home, and also able to take off if necessary, when the side effects get to be too much. I was originally diagnosed in April 2009, and had my first local reocurrance in Jan 2013, and hopefully the last one. We must all keep the faith, and be proactive in our care, and always stay up on skin checks for new melanoma. I am at the end of my clinical study,but will continue follow-ups for five years. I am hopeful that I will contine to be disease free. I was originally diagnosed as stage 3a, and with the last surgury on my clavical lymphnodes, I was advanced to stage 3c. I am currently considered ned at this time....Good luck to you...Rhonda

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