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long time posting

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Hey all...

My husband is now 2 years out from treatment and he had a scope the other day.. Still clean!!!

I do have a question regarding neuropathy.

He has neuropthy in his legs and just a few days ago he started with some new problems.

His leg is really hurting now and he has tingling and numbness that just started.

He also has a lot of pain in his lower back only when he sleeps.

we flipped out mattress and he still has the pain. The back [ain has been going on for a few weeks.

i sent him to his neurolgist the other day and she ignored his complaints and lowered his meds after not seeing him for 6 months and having a 20 minute visit.

Needless to say, I was not very happy and he is going to his GP this Thursday and see what he has to say.

Another thing, he has severe pain in his throat still. Does anyone still have throat pain 2 years out.

He quit taking pain meds a few months ago and now, his ENT will not prescribe him anything. He told him to take Prilosec.

I am sooo frustrated, he's struggling with alot of pain right now..


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Is it possible that the tingling in his leg is unrelated to treatment? I have a bulging disk in my lower back that causes numbness/tingling/burning down the side of one of my legs. I have done PT for it. My Dr doesn't feel like it warrants surgery yet. Just another thing to think about! Sorry for all the issues, hope you get them figured out!

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I really think it may be a pinched nerve. He fell a year ago and he was really frail at the time. It started with severe leg pain and at first they thought he may have a blood clot and after several tests they thought it may be a pinched nerve and let it go. Now, it seems things are getting worse. He was having trouble walking Fridy evening from the tingling and numbmess. I am not sure the back pain is associated with whats going on. Being it's only when he lays down. We shall see Thurday.

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He needs to get back on his pain meds, go see an different ENT, I had to get rid of the first 3 until I finial found one who will sit down and talk to me about my problems and side effects I was having. Most of his problem will start in the Vagus nerve in the face and can run through the body. That is where most of my problems are. I take two different pain meds twice a day and I am fine all day long.


Hope this helps, and I am glad to hear hubby is still doing well


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jim and i
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So happy to hear your hubby is NED. Jim has pain in his left leg as well and tingling in his upper arms and back. Oncologist wanted to do a PET but Jim refused so not much they can do other than take pain meds. So far he only needs the pain med at night. I pray your husband gets relief.


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He isn't taking a statin or something for high cholesterol, is he? If so, that could be contributing.

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After an X-ray his go said he had substantial disc degeneration and substantial conoresion going on. His. L3 L4 & L5 are wafer thin. He will be going for a MRI and a nerve test nest Wednesday . He is off shore right now and left in a lot of pain. He didn't want to go at all but he could not back out. Do his doctor scheduled all the test for very next day after he comes home. The doc freaked me out, after going out and looking at the X-rays he comes back with 2 nurses in our room. I guess they are concerned . I know I am! My husband has been through enough .

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