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problems, problems, problems!

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Hi everyone, I haven't been on in sometime. Sorry!.... 

I have just been so busy.  I finished my chemo on July 31, 13.  Had my tissue expanders removed and permanent inplants put in on Sept. 6. At three weeks P.O. I noticed a small opening on the left side and begain to have drainage, a lot of drainage and then by Oct 8th my Left side had opened up to the size of a base ball and the inplant was exposed.  Oct 10, surgery again, to replace the inplant and this time no glue or desolvable staples. My body don't desolve them properly and I feel that was what created the problem. I still have the exterior sutures. He said he was leaving them in a long time.  So now it's Oct 21st and my right side has opened up about a 1/2 inch and I'm afraid it's happening all over again. The only difference is, there is hardly any drainage. I see the P.S. on Wed. Has anyone had this same issue.  They said it isn't uncommon for you to have them open up and that they will close again and heal..... Would love your input....  Kathy

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Sorry to hear ....I have no advice just sending good thoughts your way>



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I assume you are on antibiotics. Oral? IV? Have they done a culture?

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I am on Cipro, this is my 3 dose sense surgery on 9/6. There is no infection, but they gave me the antibiotics to keep me from getting infected.. prophylactically treated. The Doctor used desolvable staples on the inside and I think my body just isn't disolving them as it should. And now they are working themselves to the surface and breaking through, creating big problems for me. That's my opinion the Doctor didn't give an opinion, but didn't disagree either.  It's not his fault he didn't know I would react to them that way... 

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My breast surgery went fine and I did not have reconstruction.  But I did have a mole removed a couple years before.and the stitches were taken out. But something was wrong and the skin pulled apart . It was a small spot so I just let it heal on it's own. But The reason I'm telling you this is I was concerned that my breast incision would do the same thing. It didn't though. 


I certainly hope your problems are over. 



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I have no experience on this as I am far from doing expander replacement (before that I need to do second mastectomy and it seems that the hospital decided that I am no urgent case and can wait. I already wait for two months).

I am sorry that you are having problems with implants and on the other hand I am glad you finished chemo.

Good luck and keep us posted, Carmen

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Well this is my 3rd surgery sense 9/6/13.  I am scheduled to have surgery tomorrow 10/24/13.  After my visit with my surgeon he decided to close the area as he did on the left... This should fix my problem with the disolvable sutures... So can I have a Pink Bus for tomorrrow.  Surgery is at 9:30 am... Thank You Everyone!

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Kathy, it is great to see you back, but I feel so bad for you having all the surgeries in a row. Hopefully, this will be the last, and you can get back to life.  Wishing you well.  Hugs, Linda

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Kathy, I am so sorry you are goind through all of this and, of course, I will be there with you.  I wasn't a candidate for implants so I had the diep flap procedure.  I can't help with your questions, but I am pulling and praying that you are better soon!

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Thank You for your suppost everyone!!!... I came throught the surgery with no adverse problems.  Today I don't even feel like I had surgery yesterday... no ill effects at all.  That was because I had all of you there with me. I see the surgeon on the 30th to evaluate My Rt side and to have sutures removed on the Lt side if he feels I have healed enough... I should be healed enough, they will have been in 20 days then.  

Again thank you for your suppost and, May God Bless You All... Kathy

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Hi Kathy,

Great news Kathy!  Surgery with no ill effects is awesome.  I am so happy you are feeling good.



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