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Kidney lesion

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 A week ago, I was eating and started feeling bloated. It carried me through the week but wasn't having any other symptoms, just fullness in belly and burping. Got worse through the week and was down 11 pounds total in 8 days from not wanting to eat. Didn't have bowel trouble or anything else. I have now been to the dr twice, blood work looks great, and Pepcid helped my belly. Thinking ulcer, but now, my result showed a lesion on my kidney and I have a CT scheduled for tomorrow. Nothing else wrong, belly and surrounding looked good on ultrasound, no back pain, urine is good, nothing. Now I'm freaking out because I used to take Tylenol daily and have heard this could be the cause. Any info will be useful, just need to know what to look for and if I should be scared. Thanks in advance

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A CT can usually identify a lesion or other growth on the Kidney and dedermine if whatever it is has the characteristic of being malignant.


A lot has to do with its size. Some lesions turn out to be of no concern. Some are. I have never heard of tylonal causing Kidney CANCER.

Hopefully everything turns out OK. If you do hear the big C word we are hear to help you as we have all been thru it. Mine was 11 years ago, Faye across the street is at 18 years and she is only 82.




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Tylenol taken regularly can cause liver damage; Advil taken regularly can cause kidney damage.


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Tylenol can cause liver damage, but not cancer; Advil can cause kidney damage, but not cancer. 

And the bloated fleeling was not caused by kidney cancer.  It was caused by something else. 

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Too much Tylenol can cause renal failure or contribute to it...but that's when you overdose on it.

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Your symptoms of bloated stomach, belching and extreme stomach problems, sound like it could be kidney stone. My husband has had stones a few times and he displays symptoms similar to yours. Also on an ultrasound the stones can be described as lesions, a lesion could also be a fluid sac. I hope everything goes well today, and the results prove there is nothing to be too concerned about.

Just as a side note, if it does prove to be a kidney stone, they will advise you if it is calcification or Uric acid. For a Uric acid stone, the treatment of choice here in France is Vichy Water. If your kidneys are otherwise heathy Vichy is a great treatment, it causes the stone to erode in no time.


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