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I need help with finding a cheap wig that looks decent, and reasonable price. Funds are not great now my son is laid off. My check helps some, and seems all is breaking down now. I would like to get hold of the Sea hawks and get some tickets for my family and myself and find out the best place to sit if I can, and if I can afford the prices. This will be my last Christmas, and this would be something my family will remember. My doctor said it would only  delay it for a while, if it even works. Thank you all again. May God bless everyone.
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Talk to the Breast Cancer Navigator at your Center.  I was given my first wig by my BCN before I went to my first Look Good Feel Better class.  It really wasn't 'me' so I took it to the class (hadn't lost hair yet but had cut it from almost waist length to a 'shag').  There was a lady there that it was absolutely perfect for so it went home with her.  The Cosmetologist who was doing the class told me to come to her Salon the next day as she thought that she had the perfect wig for me.  A manufacturer had recently donated a frosted Gypsy Shag wig and when it had come in, she thought she'd never fine the right person for it but she did - me.  I still have it 4+ yrs later and do wear it some times.  If your Center does not access to that's right for you, contact your local branch of the American Cancer Society - they have/know sources to probably help you.

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I will try the places you said to try about the wig. I am praying everyone makes it through Christmas without any problems from there cancer or any other problems. I hope this chemo works okay, they said this was my last chance to prolong  the cancer for a while. They say Angiosarcoma  takes  your life because there is no treatment that works against it, and because it is rare and not enough is known about it.  I have had the four surgery's and a mastectomy and still comes back. Thank you again so much for your help. May God Bless you...

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I have not been on this site for a long time. I understand that your funds are short, but you may want to look online for hair.  Many times there are clearances and sales items.  I only suggest this because you may get a style that you really like and is very attractive and is much more "you.".  Looking good makes us feel better.  I think one of the hardest things about my being a survivor is that I feel that I lost myself in many ways.  My appearance being one of them.  Get some hair that makes you feel and look MARVELOUS!

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My Cancer Navigator directed me to contact a local ACS about wigs, as many have them on hand.  I also had looked in their catalog at http://www.tlcdirect.org/ to see what might work.  I was able to tell the person what I had seen so she could maybe come up with something I might be able to use.

The two she sent -- made me look too old.  So, then she sent me a voucher for $45 toward the cost of a wig ordered through TLC.  I found one I liked for $46 and was able to use the voucher.

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