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Food poisoning in hospitals cafeteria

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October 15  I was in Hospital for chemotherapy, Avastin. In lab they did check my BP, was little bit high. So me and my husband stoped in cafeteria to eat and relax,  hoping  my BP will go down.  In waiting area they check my BP, was OK for Avastin. In next 10-15 min they called me for chemo and checked my BP again , was high. After 10-15min relaxing, BP become even higher plus horrible headache, than nausea and vomiting. I ended in ER for 24 hours. I missed my chemo. I'm very upset. In best clinic of Milwaukee in big Cancer Center  happening some thing like this, really? What I need to do? I like to prevent happining like this to no body. I like to punish somehow cafeteria for my 24 hr misery and failure to attend chemo. Dear teal sisters, please , let me know how you will handle situation like this? Thanks, Zina.

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Glad to be done
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Personally, I would let it go.  If the hospital knows for sure they will pursue it.  I would think to myself - I don't need the stress anc concentrate on something else.  I hope you are feeling better.

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Pamela B
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Let it go and chalk it up to a bad esperience.  You have enough stress in your life right now and the natural thing is to lash out at something you can conrol.  But I think it will only make you feel worse to let it keep eating away at you much like this horrible cancer eats at us.  Take a deep breath and continue your positive journey.  You can do it!

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I agree With Eileen and Pamela, you have enough on your plate. That said I hope the hospital knows what happened and will take care of it. Other than that, your energy needs to go to your recovery and well being. I can certainly understand being upset and angry. Maybe a letter to the hospital administration alerting them to the situation?    

And, of course, avoid the cafeteria!

Here's hoping you will get back on schedule and feel better quickly.


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I am so sorry you had this added misery on top of everything else.  I can understand your anger and frustration.  Food poisoning is one of those things high on my list that I really dread.  I agree with Susan's suggestion about sending a letter to the hospital administration to alert them because they really need to know if their cafeteria is the cause of food poisoning.  Beyond that, concentrate on making youself better!

Take care,


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Here's a link to City of Milwaukee Health Department for online complaints about restaurants. http://city.milwaukee.gov/restaurantcomplaints.

Feel better!

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Thanks a lot for advice! October 23 I will see my family doctor, she also had lunch in this cafeteria. I did see her over there in last three years not ones. I will ask her to check my tests results from ER and diagnosis and then will report in Milwaukee Health Department. Thanks Alexandra for the link. After all I feel better, except I have two black bruses on both of my arms, about 10  ECG glue marks an my front body, what is hard to clean off and three of them with brocken skin in corners and muscle pain of my belly from vomiting. Thanks again! (((HUGS))), Zina

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