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Sclerotic Bone Tumor of Left Distal Femur

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I am just wondering if someone has had a similar experience to me. In July of this year, I had a bone scan,

followed by an x-ray and then in August: MRI, X-ray ... and then September a third X-ray. So the total

five images stated I have a nonaggressive appearing lesion in the diaphysis of my left distal femur. The

problem is the pain. Online, I've read countless times that pain is not usually associated with benign

tumors, but however, their malignant counterparts. So for now, the diagnosis is "benign fibroma"-type. I

am not completely convinced that this is a benign mass... so I am wondering if anyone here has had a

similar experience or could shed some light on my situation? Please. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.


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