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Alternatives for what to put into feeding tube vs Jevity 1.5 which makes my husband sick.

Cowboys Wife.
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Hello...my husband is in week 7 of radiation & chemo for head & neck cancer and the formula (Jevity 1.5) that we put into his feeding tube is making him sick every day! He hates it & we would love any recipe for a high calorie subsitiute that we can purchase of that we can make naturally in a jucier.  PLEASE HELP!  thank you! Nancy in Austin ..  nancy.anderson@sprint.com

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"tube feeding recipes" into Bing and a whole bunch of sites came up.  There is one or two people here who eat what everyone else at home is eating, however they get it through their tubes.  If I remember right they used chicken broth or water to thin it out.  You just have to make sure it is totally blended so nothing clogs it up.


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nancy, i was started on jevity and it made me throw up with each can.  i had to be switched to boost.  i never put any blended food n my tube.  i didn't find this site until after my tx and i just never thot of food for my tube.  check out the superthread as it probably has suggestions on it.  good luck.

God bless,


Cowboys Wife.
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Thank you ...we just did a boost!


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I used Compleat because it has more "natural" ingredients than most tube formulas. Here's some info on it: Compleat.

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I'm glad you got boost to work. I also got sick on jevity so my wonderful wife dove in and started to juice and make me all sorts of organic concoctions..lol

i pretty much maintained my weight through my rads and recovery. 

http://www.foodfortubies.com/ is an option (they replaced lucys real foods). Your hubby needs the absoulute best butrion right now. stay away from any type of sugar/high fructose. 


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My husband used Nutren 1.5 which is higher in calories, glutene free, no milk in it.  He has no problems with it.  Other than it is a little thick and he has to add water to it before putting it in his feeding tube.  He has been on this on and off for over 3 years.  Right now he has been on it steady since May 2012 and has never had a problem with it.  He also used Kroger's brand of Ensure Plus and had no problems with it.  

There are people who blend their daily foods and put that thru their feeding tubes but you have to be very careful and make sure nothing can clog the feeding tube.  We were told not to do this, but I have read of many who do and use the Magic Bullet to blend their food and have no problem.  I know my husband has to very careful with his pills that he has to crushed and put into water to get down his feeding tube.  This is his second feeding tube and he says it is narrower than the first one he had.

Wishing you the best -- Sharon

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My oncologist called Home Health and they delivered Nutren 2.0 right to my door.  I took 3-4 a day and was able to maintain my weight.  I had to hold the tube so that it went in a little bit slowly, but it never bothered me once I got the "speed" part right :)  Hope you can find something soon! 

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If you use real food, use a sive  and double sive everything. 

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PEG man for life here, get yourself a Nutribullet and get your husband some real food that is what I do. Just make sure you blend it into a liquid, my wife uses vegetable broth and water when blending my food because I am a vegetarian.  

God Bless



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I had the same issue at first.  After speaking with the dietitian she suggested a feeding pump. It's covered by all insurance.  That way it's on a slow drip or flow.  It worked! Best of luck! 

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Not sure if this is appropriate for this discussion group but I really need some help. My 76 year old mother, who is currently in a nursing home, has been on a metered feed of Jevity 1.5 directly into her stomach 18 hours a day for almost 2 years. It causes her so much pain (suspect gas) that she loses sleep, continuously tries to disconnect the tube and looks at me like life is not worth living this way. I brought this to the nursing home's attention who stated they would take it up with her doctor but nothing has been done. Are there other Medicaid approved products that can be used to try and alleviate this problem? Would appreciate any advice on the subject.

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First: This is an old post and many won't look at posts that are very old [ 1-3 years old] You should copy this and past to a new Post and you will get more that will see it.  You go to the top of Head and Neck page and you will see POST NEW FORM TOPIC:  Here is a link to make is easier:  http://csn.cancer.org/node/add/forum/164


Now I would ask if she has a PEG tube [direct to the stomach] for feeding and not an NG tube,[ that goes in the nose] They hook it up to a machine and it does the feeding over 18 hrs. If at first it came out of the refrigerator at 40 degrees and the cold might be causing problems, it sure did me. Is she able to get up and walk much? AS that would help. I only had the NG in the nose but many others have or had the PEG that goes right in the stomach. Did or does your Mother have cancer?

Now for the bad news, [Just my opion and what my wife has done research on] Nursing don't care about you. It is just a job and they want it to be the easiest it can be, at least 85% or more. You are just a monthly check. Sorry but that is how it is. We have seen one that would not let the lady have a phone so her family could not call her, they were out of town and she wanted to leave and go live with them, her brother. My wife snuck in and saw her, said she was a volunteer giving fresh frut to the people. Long story short, she call the DA office and got the assisant DA to go and see her. They tryed to stop her, until they saw her badge. The lady then went to live with her brother. You will have to talk to her doctor to get anything changed or the nutritionist. For my wifes mother in another state, she had to call the state department and threaten to have them shut down if her mother wasn't taken better care of. We burried her with a cast on her arm and they were sending her checks to her EX-HUSBAND and new about it that he should not get her checks.

Please re-post yours and others will give you some good sugestions to what you can feed her. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


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