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Excisional biopsy today after pos FNA report rt groin

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After having a +FNA report of rt groin, my surgeon took out groin node immediately ( same week).

surgery went well & he tells my family it's benign but he has to send it off for path report. 

My question is, how would he know it was benign by looking? I thought lymphoma was dx By path report only???

any replies greatly appreciated. 

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hello Stalyn,

when I was first diagnosed with NHL, I found out it was really important to get the correct results from the biopsy.  The only way I know it can be diagnosed correctly is sent to a pathologist doctor.  I sent my biopsy scans to a 2nd pathologist to get the 2nd opinion.  Maybe there's a ways to tell by looking, but go with safe over sorry. yi


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You are correct, tteg.  No doctor can"look" at a specimine and "know" if it is cancerous or not.  Heck, some specimines have to go to more than one lab for further analysis.  Some results take over a week, due to the sophistication of the tests that must be run.  I have had tests that had to be sent to a different state for analysis.

Stalyn later started another thread regarding biopsy, and the subject was discussed in detail.  Actually, biopsy is one of the most frequent discussion points at the board.  He shared some news privately with me recently, but did not say if I could share it, so I cannot at the moment.     I have not seen him post in a while now, so he may have moved on.

But your insight regarding biopsy samples is totally correct.




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