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"happy" cancaversary

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One year ago today (10/18/13) my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, boy what a year its been. So far she seems to be cancer "free" we had a bit of a scare with her ca 125 numbers going up, her surgeon seems pretty optomistic though that she isn't symptomatic and that she feels good! She has an appt coming up next week with her chemo doctor and the surgeon think's he'll just do another scan and re check the numbers, I can't help but still be on edge but I am trying to be strong for her. Today also would've been my dad's birthday he passed away two years ago from pancreatic cancer..CANCER SUCKS!! Yell

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Pamela B
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Your mother is very lucky to have your strong presence during a rough year.  Sounds like blue skies ahead!  Hoping your mother continues to be NED for many, many years.
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Happy cancerversary to your mom!  Happy birthday to your beloved dad, who I believe is watching over you and your mom.  I hope with all my heart that the next year is much easier for your mom and for you and that she has kicked cancer's butt for good.

Take care,



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Thank you kelly, on a lighter note i LOVE that picture of your kitty, i have two of my own, my babies

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Glad to be done
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Happy Cancerversary to mom...and to your as her supporter... 

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And that your mother stays cancer free. Maybe she would like to join this board of wonderful women...we would love to support her too. She is lucky to have you! Keep us up to date on her progress.


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