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Thanks everyone for all the well wishes my scan was clear today!  My next appointment is in March 2014!

                                Love and prayers for good health!


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Yay!!  How do you get the results so quick?!  I won't know anything until Tuesday....

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Joined: May 2013


     I actually had my scan last Friday on the 11.  I had to wait a full week for the results, but my ONC told me today, that from now on just to call his assistant and she can let me know the results in about 2 or 3 days.  I was really happy about that, it will save me alot of anxiety!

                                          Love and prayers for good health!


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Glad to hear it! Hope you keep getting good scans.


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GREAT NEWS! Today has been a day full of good news and NED!  Let's keep it going!  Very happy for you! Go enjoy yourself and put the worries to rest! Enjoy the weekend!  xxoo

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What a WINNING TEAM! Fantastic news Brenda! I am pleased to hear you won't have such a long wait for results next time, holding your breath for a week is too much! But you can just breath easy now! 

Have a good weekend, go out and celebrate, you deserve it!!


Djinnie x

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I will drink to that just 1 beer hmm and right before the holidays kick off hey remember no complaining.

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Terrific news Brenda. Knew you would ace those scans!


Tillie/Brenda - There does seem to be a wide variance in the time the results of scans are shared.  I thought (but didn't comment) that  a week was an awful long time to wait when Brenda first posted. We (one putt/me) usually get the preliminary results of his scan within hours. But this week he had his scan on Wednesday, and we didn't get the results until the next day (Thursday) when we met with his doctor. The delay made us very nervous. Our fears were unfounded, however, as his scans were stable.  I'm guessing the time it takes is dependent on the facility at which you are being treated and the size of its radiology department. If it were me being scanned, I would ask if there was a way to expedite receiving the results. It may be as simple as a call.

Again congratulations Brenda!

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Mazel Tov on your good news!!!!  You deserve it.  Celebrate and enjoy.



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Great news!!

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That wasn't so bad was it? Yeah right! Congrats on the great news and I pray you have a repeat performance in March without all the angst.

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yaaaaaaaaay thats fab news.....

eims x

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That's great news! Hoping for many more clear scans!

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