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Well this is just great! NOT :(

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Had a rotten day.  Took 3 nurses and nearly an hour to get my monthly IV going, was in agony, floods of tears and a full blown panic attack!  Then on to meet my oncologist, the cancer has spread now to my 9th rib, and he suggested joining wellspring (cancer support group) as I get way too stressed out at the hospital visits and start shaking even before we have set off.  Also the pain in my back/neck is back with a vengeance!  Thought the cyberknife had put an end to that, but nooooooooo that would be too easy.  Thoroughly hosed off.  Tash xxxx

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Dear Tasha, 

I am so sorry to hear of your pain. I don't know what to say but just know there are lots of people in your corner. Thinking and praying for you. This site is so great. I wish I knew something to say to you and to be able to help you. I never had it as bad as what you are going through and I know how afraid I was. Don't know if you believe God is with you but that is what gets me through a lot of tough trials in my life. Please know I truly feel for you and wish I could help you. Stay strong Pink Sister. 

Hugs to you,


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Sorry Tasha -  what a carry on.  Feel like a pin cushion I expect.  Hope you get something for that pain, what comes next?  

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So sorry you have to go through this. Not sure why it took so much to get the IV going. Hang in there. 




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Double Whammy
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I'm sooo sorry you have such severe anxiety prior to medical stuff.  I'm all for support groups (we're all here aren't we) but did he have any suggestions for drugs?  If one is in a high state of anxiety, learning techniques that can be helpful and/or getting support just doesn't happen if you can't come down enough to be able to receive it.. 

This has all been a really hard time for you.  Please get all the help you can get to help you.  It's hard to fight when you're down. 

Sending hugs,


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Hi Tasha,

I totally agree with everything Suzanne said.  I tried to be strong, but my anxiety always took over.  I don't think I could have survived without medication.  Everyone is different, but you are going through hell right now, so if you need help to relieve anxiety maybe you can look into medications.  I hope you find some relief Tasha. 



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I wish so hard for the treatments to work for you.  (Take a deep breath...both of us.)  I am  po'd at this disease and what it makes us go through!  Keep your chin up. Cyber hugs, not cyber knives.......xoxoxox Lynn

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Do you mean that 3 nurses tried to access a vein? Or do you have a port that malfunctioned? As someone who is a "hard stick" I sympathize and understand how you could be in tears. During the last hospitalization they tried 25 times...yes, 25 failed sticks, including in my feet. It was agonizing. They kept bringing in people from the ER and ICU, each claiming to be the best and promising they would be successful. I finally refused to have anyone else try and asked to see my surgeon. He agreed and ordered a PICC line to be placed. It's perfect, has two ports, one for IV's and the other for blood draws. As long as it is kept clean, the PICC team says you can keep it for a year or more. I've had mine two months.

After about a month I got an occlusion in the line. Two nurses tried to draw blood but couldn't get it from either port so they said they would have to try to find a vein in my hand. Nope...two sticks, two fails...and those sticks in the hand really hurt. I was so upset, my blood pressure was sky high, and tears running down my face. Finally I asked to see the PICC team and sure enough, there was a substance they could use to unclog the PICC line. They were so sympathetic and said from now on I should come right to them whenever I needed a blood draw or dressing change.

I would love to keep the PICC line forever but my PS wants it out since I finished with IV antibiotics a couple weeks ago. But I'm quite anemic and the oncologist ordered an iron infusion in a week so I'm allowed to keep it for now. My husband flushes each line with saline twice a day. Could you ask if they will place a PICC line for you?

I have two more surgeries coming up to finish reconstruction as well as several blood draws in the meantime as we work on fixing some blood deficiencies. I was already dreading life without a PICC. The PICC line team told me this week that I should request to see them before any procedure in which I will need an IV started. Using the same technology as when the put in the PICC, they will use ultrasound to find a vein and start the IV. They can use it for simple blood draws too. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Could you request something like that too?

With everything you are going through, it may seem odd to others that you would get upset when it took an hour to get an IV started. Those with "good" veins should thank their lucky stars. The last thing you need when you feel like crap is to have to go through that miserable process again.

Wishing you good luck and no more unnecessary pain to add to your burden,



New Flower
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Hi Tasha,

I am very sorry for your "rotten day". I have small veins and often it is a trick to get my IV going. Warm packs often help when put on for 5 min before that. I try to drink a lot (if I remember) it does help too. Of course you are anxious as you have been  waiting for your Scan results no wonder about why.

I am sorry that cancer has spread. Does your oncologist have new suggestions about your treatment?

Whishing you a better day tomorrow 

Hugs to you

New Flower



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for all you're going through. Will your oncologist make a treatment plan? I think it might make you feel better to have a good plan, at least that works with me.

Tons and tons of hugs, Carmen

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So sorry...I hope things get better soon..


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Prayers coming your way to easy your pain and stress!!!!



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