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London Calling

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Joined: Jan 2011

Hi all just thought I'd update u on my progress:

underwent bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction on Saturday.  All gone well last drains out today & home on Sunday. Got the news this morning that there was NED in pathology so no further treatment required YAAAAAAY :))))))) 

Hugs to you all 

Michelle xxxx 

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So glad to hear everything went well.   Get some rest now so you will be ready to go home on Sunday.    So happy for you!



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Joined: Dec 2012

Just relax and have a peaceful, uneventful recovery!

So happy for you!

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Joined: Jul 2012

It's wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, super-happy news! No more cancer and a brand new set!

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Thank you for starting our wweekend on a positive note.  I wish you a speedy recovery.


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I'm doing the happy dance for you!!


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Hearty Pioneer
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Joined: Apr 2013

Yeah! Good news on your surgery!

Rest and take care of you!


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so glad you are cancer free...celebrate! Rest up and heal..take Care of yourself .....then shop....Val 


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Pamela B
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So glad things are turning around in a positive way.  Relax, breathe and have some fun!

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Glad to be done
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Congratulations .  Fantastic news....

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What more can I say, except THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC NEWS, MICHELLE!  You are so strong, and now your complete healing can begin!




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Posts: 250
Joined: Jan 2011

I am now home from hospital and apart from feeling like I've been hit by a lorry I am doing well & just taking paracetamol for pain relief. I seem to have a lovely flat tummy & my new boobs seem to be ok (I opted for a B cup as this is what I was before children & I prefer smaller boobies lol!) 

i would just like to say a BiG thank you & give you all (gentle) hugs for your support it really means a lot :))) 

now onwards & upwards...................

Michelle. Xxx 

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So glad to hear you are on the mend! I found my mastectomy to be a lot easier than the debulking surgery for ovarian....hope you will experience that too.

All the very best,


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Great news and you make it sound so easy ! Get lots of rest so you can celebrate!

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Posts: 250
Joined: Jan 2011

Hope you are feeling a bit better, thanks for your message :)

i am sore to buggery today lol but so far all seems to be much 'easier' than expected!!! 


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