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OT, prayers needed for my mom

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My mom, who is 67, fell yesterday on the stairs and suffered severe head injury. Her condition is critical. The next few days will be critical whether she survives and what will be her quality of life if she survives. I've spent half of night in ER and haven't been able to sleep the other half. Please, say some prayers for her.

Maybe today I will be called to get a mastectomy next week. With everything going on, I hope not.


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Dear Carmen, my prayers for you and your mom. I hope she gets better soon. I hope your mastectomy can be postponed until your mom gets better.



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I am so sorry to hear of your mom's situation. I am sending good thoughts her way..and hugs for you..


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I am sending you and your mom, hugs and prayrs.


Vicki Sam

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Hi Carmen,

So sorry you have such sadness and uncertainty in your life right now.  I hope and pray for your mom's recovery and that you can have more time before your mastectomy.  Sending prayers and hugs to both you and your mom.



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I'm sure your surgery can be postponed for a crisis of this kind.  I will keep your Mom in my prayers.  Take care.  Linda 

New Flower
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Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your Mom 

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The kind of thing we all dread happening to our parents.  Sorry for the stress and hoping your mum comes around with nothing more than a very sore head, you never know with head injuries.   Fingers crossed for her.

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Sending prayers to you and your mom.






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Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayers. It means a lot to me. My moms condition stays unchanged, she is in artificial coma and has massive bleeding in her brain with no improvement so far. And no signs of getting worse, too. So all we can do is wait and pray.


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Sending you & your mum positive healing thoughts...... 

Michelle xxx 

Lynn Smith
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Praying for you and your mom.A terrible thing  has happened just when you also need some critical medical care.You don't want to put off your surgery but you dont want to leave your mom's side. 

Very sorry to hear things are unchanged.I'm praying for a MIRACLE for your mom.My prayers have worked many times for me. Now I want my Prayers to work for you and your mom.

Thinking of both of you at this time. 

Lynn Smith  

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