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mskcc october presentation

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lach,  i read thru it all.... i, now, know that i am experiencing almost all of the problems......will read it all again later..... thx for sending to us all.....sephie.....( my cat is petting me with her sweet paws... we communicate... makes me smile)

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I am glad this was posted.

I have not had a lot to say about this event except to express my gratitude for it.

We are lucky to have found each other on this board. I hope many more people will be served and serve on this new method of connection for support, sharing, information and fund raising.

All the best,



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Thanks so much for posting this!  I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but will!

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Very informative and useful information. 

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Thanks for the info!


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Thanks for sharing,


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Thank you for sharing this information. 

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So glad this was posted, I attended the seminar and took notes, had all good intentions of summarizing the seminar but the time got away from me, working 2 jobs, daughter home from college for a visit, and not feeling very good these last 2 weeks, aside from a bout of allergies and astmah acting up , I am having more anal symptoms so I have been a bit mia recently

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