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Chest X-Ray vs CT Scan

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How reliable are Chest X-Rays for spotting lung mets vs a CT Scan?  My dr. seems concerned about the amount of radiation and wants to alternate between the two.

My original tumor was small (2.5 cm) but already stage 3. (Got into the sinus fat). coming up on 18 months since surgery.

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Chest Xray will miss small tumors, anything under half a centimeter.  CT should pick them up while they are small, which is why it is the more reliable procedure, esp if there is some history of the disease.  The CT has more radiation but there is no significant risk from doing several a year if needed, and LOTS of benefit!

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I had 2 Lung CTs this year for reasons unrelated to RCC. They show lung nodules too small to show on a chest xray. Neither my lung doctor ent doctor or Urologist was concerned about the nodules of .6mm and .4mm as far as RCC.



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