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have had ultrasound and FNA now doctor wants blood work

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I am sure that I am over reacting but doctor found nodule on thyroid then sent me for ultrasound then those test concluded that I needed an FNA with ultrasound well they now have those results but won't give them to me and all they would say is I now have to go for blood work and I can call in a day or so to find out what the doctors dictation said. Should I be worried well I mean truly worried or does this sound like it might actually be a good outcome this is just eating at me right now. Any information is great thanks for any reply it is truly appreciated

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Be patience, they are just following procedures. Sounds like they are doing all the right stuff to make sure you don't or do have a Thyroid nodule that may be cancerous. Just hang in there. I know its hard but until they have all the test back they don't know either. Give them a day.


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