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Ornament Exchange - - Continuing the 'PINK' tradition

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Hey Kindred Spirits~ it's that time of year again!

 If any of you is interested in participating, please PM me with your real name and address~ when the list grows, I will pair you up with another warrior from the boards.

We have almost no rules, so let me address what was asked of me last year, to hopefully make it easier for new ones this year! If you want to remain anonymous, that is completely up to you! If you do not want the recipient to know who the ornament is from, that is just fine. Conversely, if you do want them to know, include your name and screenname! LOL

These do NOT have to be expensive! That is the nice thing about ornaments, they can be purchased quite reasonably. Also~please do NOT feel that participating in this has to have a spiritual or religious connotation. We have Christians here, lapsed Christians, Jews, Muslims, Athiest, fill in the blank, and they are pretty much represented here. An ornament need not depict anything religious...  Like me, I am sure you have seen all sorts of ornaments; wine bottles, surfboards, teddy bears, candy, pink ribbons (!!!) the list is endless. Sometimes, the participant lets me know that they are part of a certain faith, in that case I let their Secret Santa know. Conversely, if someone says they do NOT celebrate the holidays per se, but want to exchange ornaments, I will let that be known as well.

This was a lot of fun last year! We had a good time thinking about what to get one another, wondering what and when we would get our ornament from someone else, and it connected us in a wonderful way which touched us in ways that cancer cannot. It was a loving, fun, upbuilding way to join hearts.

So, if you want to be a part of this, PM me! I need your names and addresses, which I PROMISE I will keep safe and not share with anyone else!!!!!

I think that by December 1st I will have to say No More Names!!! I hope to have enough names to start pairing you up by mid-November, and you can take it from there as to when you mail it!

The Holidays are fast approaching!

Vicki Sam

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I would like to join

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Joined: Apr 2013

I would like to join also!

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I was just thinking about the ornament exchange just before I logged on.  I had been going through my 'stuff' for making my ornaments to check what I was low on so could get what I need.

(As VickiSam said it can be quite inexpensive and does not have to be "store bought".)

Winyan - The Power Within


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This is a big huge act of love you're taking on. 

Thank you for doing it.



Grandma X 6
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Count me in please

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Those of you who have posted that you want to participate, remember to send a private message to her with your real name and address.

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Jean 0609
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Thank you for taking this on this year!





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Thank you, my dearest, for doing this!!!


Hugs, Kathi


(I go to a Chrismas market in Dusseldorf Germany eary December....I may pick something special there....)


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Thank you for continuing this tradition. I truly believe that you are the heart of this board. I just PM'd you. Love Surf

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Without wonderful people like yourself, traditions would not happen. A BIG thank you for keeping us going and strong!


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Won't let me message you. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Will try to do it again. 

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Thanks for doing this.  I sent you a pm.




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Thank you so much for taking this on this year.  You are a real treasure!  I love this tradition and will pm my info.  Big hugs, my friend.  Love, Mrs. Brees Wink

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How do I PM you ? I am not sure how this works, I couldn't read it all. My eyes don't work well, so could you explain how it works again. It will take a couple of days to read it most of the time. I am ordering some cheap magnifying  glasses to go over my glasses. So I am sorry if I don't answer posts fast. Please tell me how you do this again, and what is contact you on PM mean?  Any info on cheap wigs for sale would be appreciated so much

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Thank you for organizing this fun, joyous event!  I look so forward to exchanging ornaments from around the country...and maybe someday out of the country!


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Thank you for doing this. I will pm with my info. This has always been so much fun.



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Jean 0609
Posts: 2462
Joined: Jun 2010

Make sure to send VickiSam your name & address if you want to participate.  This is always a lot of fun.



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Joined: Aug 2009

All you lovely ladies will be hearing from me this week == with the name of your Ornament exchange buddy ..


Lots of fun and excitement ===  The Holidays are fast approaching, Yikes!


Vicki Sam

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I would love to join in the fun if you have room still

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Joined: Aug 2009

I have sent to a private email ...


So much fun ...  getting exciting, Ladies ...


Vicki Sam


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