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Hair Loss

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It is almost day 17. I had decided that I wanted to shave my head before I found hair lying next to me.....but now I am scared. How did you handle it? How did you handle the looks and the question?


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Endometrial cancer


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Are you going to get a wig?  If so, the place where I got mine told me not to shave.  I forget why, but the rationale made sense at the time.  My hair was short so it didn't really make too much of a mess as it came out.  I combed with a fine toothed comb 3-4 times a day which helped keep the shedding controlled-kinda like grooming the dog.  

The only reason I got a wig is because I didn't want everyone knowing my business.  I got over that andused scarves and hats as well.  Since we're coming into winter, that will be a nice option for you.  I had my chemo in spring and summer.  Who knows, you have a very pretty face so maybe you'll find you want to go au naturale.  Remember it's hair, it's not who you are.  Take care.


PS A lot of people cut their hair short before hand.  You don't have much time left but you could use it as an opportunity to see what you look like with a short style if you've always had yours long or maybe bangs.  Then you could look forward to growing a new do 

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Sorry, Darling, but I have gone through this and getting  better was the only thing on my mind.  I guess it's because you are younger. Your hair will start to grow back about two weeks after chemo is finished.  Concentrate on getting rid of this disease and don't worry about your hair it will grow  back (easy for me to say, i know darling).  I had wigs that I hated and ended up wearing a 99Cents hat all the time.  Don't waste your money in wigs and hats, You will find one hat that you will never stop wearing.  My daughter was also dx and had hair like yours, she did cut it before it started to fall because it is annoying when it falls.  Don't worry people are kind and will not stare at you, if they do they are really sympathyzing in their hearts.  I wish you the best and hope you beat this nasty monster soon. Please keep in touch. Endo cancer 1A stage 3 MMMt.

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Just wanted to touch base with you.  I visited your blog and see that you really have had a rough time.  I hope you are coping.  You are so young and sound like such an interesting person.

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I wondered about how the hair loss would be too. I was prepared and got a wig before hand.

I lost mine over a couple weeks time I think about the 5th R-Chop treatment. It just started coming out more and more until I was bald. It didn't come out in clumps or I did I wake up with a "big hair ball" beside me. LOL It cam out gradually.

But with me, it took some time for it to grow back. I wore a wig for about 6 months until it got long enough where I didn't feel I looked so "punkish" with it.

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