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Best place for women's gynecologic cancers?

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I am considering getting a second opinion on my uterine cancer. Where do you think is the best place to go in the country?  My cancer is a rarer type, aggressive, and behaves like ovarian cancer rather than the typical uterine/endometrial cancer.

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I unfortunately do not have any suggestions but I was wondering where you are located (in the U.S. I assume)?  Perhaps others will chime in if they know in which part of the country you live.


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I see you already found the long "UPSC" thread on the Uterine board. OH. The majority of ladies who started that thread are no longer on the board, but there are still several "uterine" members who have better insight into UPSC that "ovarian" crowd does. I think both your own suggestions: Dana Farber and MD Anderson are good choices for the second opinion. I don't have personal experience with either hospital, as I'm located in Canada. Look into Gleevec/Taxol trial NCT00506779 at MD Anderson or other UPSC trials on clinicaltrials.gov.

Good luck to you!

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I am prejudiced in favor of the major research hospitals. I've been to Dana Farber, MD Anderson, and OSU. I have liked all of them. Before making an appointment I researched their staff to see which physician seemed to have the qualities I was looking for. Then, when I made an appointment I requested that particular doctor. The appointment secretary always makes noises about "We can't guarantee you'll have a choice," but I was able to see the physician I wanted every time.

I think Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering ...gosh I'm sure there's several more. I hope you can find one nearby so you don't have to travel. In the end, for me anyway, the travel was well worth it.

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psk, I am from the Uterine board.  I remember some of the women over there, one woman I think said her doctor (Sloan Kettering in NYC) was one of the leading doctors in this area. 

With that said, I see from this board that my treatment is what other women were getting at the big name hospitals which makes me feel good.

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I went to CLeveland Clinic (for my third opinion and I am glad I did!).  It was a 3 hour drive one way for me but well worth it.    However, the doctor that treated me there now moved to Texas and he is with the Texas Oncology Department.

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Hi, so sorry that you have this rare type of cancer. I am a patient at Dana-Farber in Boston. I live in Maine but I travel three hours to get there  but I think it is worth it. If you live on the East Coast it's a great research hospital. There are other great ones around the country too.  I agree with some of the other people.MD Anderson in Houston, Sloan-Kettering in New York (where my daughter is a patient) and really any of the big research hospitals. I would stay away from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America that are advertised on TV. They are a for profit system that doesn't take insurance. 

Good luck! I hope you find a hospital that you are happy with and you get cured from this disease. Kelly

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