It's been one year _

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       Just wanted to check in , wishing you the best on this anniversary date.

I know it has not been a easy journey for you and your family, but hoping the

wonderful memories of your son David remain in your heart with joy and not

sadness.   I appreciated the caring and compassionate manner in which

to handled David's cancer, and helping us along the way.

        Benjamin is still doing wonderful, last MRI, his doctor's stated to

considered himself cured.  Wonderful words for us as a family and

wishing,  more individuals suffering through brain cancer will hear those

words from their providers.   Benjamin goes every 6 months for MRI, and

then yearly for life.

         Take Care CindySue,




  • sadinholland
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    CindySue and BenLenBo

    Glad to hear you son is doing so well BenLenBo! Cindy I think about you often! You helped me when I needed it most. Your posting regarding David were helpful and touching. i was excited and hopeful while he was doinfpg well and sad and hurting right along with you when things turned for the worse. I hope you are coping better now,and doing a few things for yourself. We miss you here and hope to hear from up you soon!


    God Bless!