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Legal Resource for People with Cancer

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The talk I went to last night was given by a lawyer from the Cancer Legal Resource Center. They have a help line. I thought it might be nice to post the link to their website. They don't do litigation, but they help connect patients with legal resources and educate the public about legal issues related to cancer, rights, insurance, etc.

The lawyer that came last night gave a presentation about the new healthcare law.

Here's their website:



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Thank you so much, Todd, for the informaton!  It looks to be very helpful! I hope you are doing well! Great that you are keeping up on this.. :)

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I'm sorry to see that we keep having new people on board; and thank you for posting links to sites such as "rights."

It's the kind of link for info that was posted over the past couple of years, but was burried in newer posts.

For those who have to battle to maintain a job or obtain leave or create flex time, I'm truly sorry.  I guess I've been lucky as business owners in that I created my own salaried position.  Some days I work from 6-4, and others 12-5.  Whatever needs to be done to accomplish the tasks.

Again, thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

For me, it's been 7+ years, and 5 years NE.


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