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here we go again?

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I was just in here a few days posting how great my mom was doing, she got the all clear in July, well last night she was laying she "felt something" inside her and her gyno today said he felt nothing and was sure it was scar tissue, but ordered a stat ultra sound becuase her CA's are higher. I am just wondering how reliable are the CA numbers, does it mean recurrance only?!? She has an appt with her oncology surgeon on Friday and he'll have the results of the scan. I am just reacting early (she is too) I am just so angry that we might have to go through this all over again, its not fair.

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I am sure by now you know that is recurs. The big question is when. Don't panic before there is a reason. After hysterectomy and chemo, we all feel "something inside" - could be gas, adhesions, hernias, bladder / rectal prolapse, the list goes on and on. Slight CA125 increase (by a few points) is meaningless; to be considered a recurrence CA125 needs to go up consistently over several measurements taked several weeks apart and to exceed 2 x normal upper limit (70). I hope ultrasound proves that it's nothing and Chris continues her "dance with NED".





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Thank you alexandra, I guess we'll just see what her surgeon and chemo doctor say. I must say the hardest part is waiting and seeing how my mom is taking the "what if's" basically feeling helpless.

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and it's always hard not to think the worst, once you've had cancer.  However, the CA 125 can definitely rise for non-cancer reasons (infections).  Praying and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that your mom's scan results are good.



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Yes, these things will always send fear signals to us.  But, as Alexandra said, don't panic.  

Sending prayers and (((HUGS))) to you and your Mom.  Let us know the results.


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