Avastin how long?

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If anyone could give me information on how long your love one has been on avastin before it stops working. My daughter has a GBM and has just taken her 5th round. The doctors say the MRI  is great, but the side effects knock her down for 6 days after. I know this disease  is not easy to predict, but any help in knowing what we can expect would be helpful.


  • mccindy
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    difficult to say

    every person is so different, it's difficult to say how long the Avastin will continue to work.  I've talked to GBM survivors who were diagnosed over 10 years ago.  I have a friend on another site who lost his sister to GBM, but she lived past most of the predicted prognoses she was given - well over 2 years.  She took Avastin but had to stop and I believe she deteriorated rapidly after stopping it.  Best of luck to you and your daughter, I hope she becomes a long term survivor.