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Mixed Bag - CA125 up but CT pretty good

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Hi all

Sorry I haven't been on for a while.  I have been lurking and reading but not quite ready to post.

Last week more results and my second cycle of Etopocide. Unfortunately my CA125 went up again from 534 to 650.  However chest abdo and pelvic CT pretty good.  Lungs showed two areas of concern which we may attack with radiation and abdomen and pelvic no change!   Something to cheer about!   

I had chemo Tues, Wed & Thurs and Friday and over the weekend could barely get out of bed.  I have never felt like that before.  Totally just wanted to sleep, ached all over and then add a bit of misery to that mix!   Now I have angry red hot swellings on my right foot, knee and thigh (super attractive!) and heard last night some infection showing up again in my blood test!   I am worried I will end up in hospital again today (just had two weeks in a month ago).  Thankfully my temperature is still on the straight and narrow.  I go to Oncology first thing this morning for Avastin and to change the dressing on my PICC line then to the Oncologist.   (I will pack a little bag just in case!)

After 22 months since diagnosis and 23 cycles of various chemos I guess my body is feeling pretty battered & bruised!

Almost forgot to mention - it seems so minor now - I lost my hair again this week so pulled out the scarves etc.

Wish me luck!!!   Cheers, Julie      

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Oh, Julie -- so sorry to hear about all these issues. You deserve better! Hope this doesn't mean another hospitalization for you. And I hope the doctors get all these things under control for you, especially the CA125. 

For what it's worth, yesterday my oncologist mentioned my CA125 # remains in the normal range, "which is a good indicator for you."  Maybe I'm reading too much into his phrasing, but could he mean the CA125 # isn't always a reliable indicator? For your sake, I hope that's the case!

As for me -- I'm luxuriating in more than an inch of hair on my head. Sorry about yours. You've had plenty of experience with growing it again.

Best wishes, Carole

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Bless your heart Julie. I am so sorry you have had so Many issues. I got in a clinical trial of doxil and amg386. My ca125 has jumped to over 4000.i don't see how you do it. I have only had 14 cylcles of chemo and it has worn me down so much. I am so sorry you lost your hair. You hang in there and take care. You are in my prayers.

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