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Past and present

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I was looking back at old posts.   It pained me to see the names of so many sisters we have lost.  But I got a chance to see how many are still here that I hadn't seen post for awhile.   I don't read all the posts so I think some ladies are missing when they are not.  It made me happy.


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Once I sorted posts by number of replies and read the top one (account of Linda P's last days). It was very hard to read and afterwards I could not sleep for days. There is such strength of character, hope in a totally hopeless situation, love, humor and humanity. I think that it should be compulsory reading for anyone diagnosed.

Every time I start feeling sorry for myself and stockpiling barbiturates, I go back to that post, read it and feel ashamed of my weakness. 

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i am still here and doing good

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Glad to be done
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I am still here.  Don't have much time to post lately with both boys in sports.  We will have a break soon between seasons so I can play catch up.  I do not have time to posy but I try to ck posts every night.  Love you all and say my prayers for all my sisters every night

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