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Surgery in 22 hours

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Driving up to Tampa this afternoon. Have to be at the Moffitt Cancer Center at 5 a.m. tomorrow. Dr. Sexton. Have been able to keep the anxiety away by keeping busy. It's out of my control at this point. Thanks for all the feedback and support. Will be posting as soon as I feel up to it.

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At least it will be over soon, it has been a long wait! You have seen so many go through this, there is not much you don't know about the procedures now. All the best with the op, we will all be thinking of you!

Djinnie x 

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May your surgery be routine and uneventful.




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Hi:  I new here and I don't know how (or if there is) to search for previous posts.   What are you having done?   I will be having my follow-up at Moffitt when I am in Florida in six months.  Great place, great doctors!  You are in very good hands!

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Hope all goes well, you get good news, heal fast


Connie, from uterine board.

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Good luck in Tampa, Rudy!  I may be making the trek up there if the Oncologist in Ft. Myers sees anything weird on my scans Thursday.  Take care and keep us updated on how things go.  I can't do the splits anymore, but I'm still a good cheerleader! LOL

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All the ladies from uterine and ovarian boards, who knew Mary Ann are supporting and cheering for you.

Wishing you easy surgery and speedy recovery.



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Ruuudy Ruuudy  Ruuudy.... yes we all are rooting for you..!


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You'll awake to the biggest trip you've ever been on (Woodstock type). And then the happy faces will appear to tell you to turn over, suck air, cough, get up to walk, pass gas, drink liquids, sit up, lie down, and all sorts of devilishly delightful tasks.  All in the interest of getting you up and out of there rapidly.

Just believe that you will be able to do it all, and you will.


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Ice chips!  First thing outta my mouth when I woke up. Speedy recovery to you.

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