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Should I be more assertive

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Hi all,

I'm not a current cancer patient, but it runs rampant in my family.   I need some advice on how pushy to be regarding my current situation.  I'm 48 and it's been 21 months since my last period, and menopause was confirmed with FSH test last January.  Oct. 2, I had bleeding when I woke up so I called my OB/Gyn.  I went in that day for an exam, and he took blood for more hormone levels, then scheduled a sonohystogram.  The bleeding/spotting lasted about a week and mostly bright blood.  He did say after the exam that it was uterine.  Today was the sono/hyst.  Well - they did the sonogram (internal) and said uterus looked fine and lining was thin which is good.  He tried to do the hystogram, but it was extremely painful despite a valium, and switching speculum sizes twice.  So...he said he wasn't going to put me through it, and we would just watch things.  He said to call immediately if I have bleeding again, and if not, to come back in 3 months for another sono.  He said my FSH levels were lower than they were last year and that sometimes an ovary just "kicks back into gear".   


Opinions?  I'm probalby making a mountain out of a molehill or being paranoid, but my grandmother died of colon cancer, and my mom died from oral cancer.  Thank you - and I apologize if I'm covering ground that is answered elsewhere in the forum.

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I can tell you are not comfortable with the answer. Go to another dr for another opinion.  This is exactly what happened to me and the wait and see ended up cancer and if i had dont the second opinion it might have been earlier.  never doubt yourself.  Most insurance companies support second opinions.  I believe the only conclusive test is a d&c but some dr's like mine liked to look good to ins companies and not always do them.  I am no longer with this dr.


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As you got a good response from Hybridspirits, get a second opinion and do not stop at RED, but proceed fast forward!!!!!  You know your own body and no damn doctor can, so be forceful and get another opinion.

Lukily for me when I had the spotting my GYN looked at me cluelessly and told me, lets get you to the other side of the office for a vaginal ultrasound....bingo!!!!  If he would have waited, it would have been much worse, so I'm grateful to my GYN in not  guessing, but going with a test.

I read the book by Fran Drescher, the famous actress, whom endured a good 2 yrs of unknowns with her issues.  She kept telling the many specialists SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT, but they kept pushing her off by telling her, YOU'RE OKAY TAKE THIS PILL AND WE'LL WAIT.  Well waiting for 2 yrs, finally found a qualified doc whom diagnosed her with uterine cancer.  The rest is history, but even a person with unlimited funds couldn't get the proper help and diagnosis.

Be persistent and find out what's going on and don't give up until you find the answer which SATISFIES YOU!!!!

Best to you,



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Thanks for the replies.  The bleeding started back today, so I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow and going with my gut on this one.  

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Be very assertive and get another opinion! This is your health and your life.

I bled for 6 months and only after my second opinion and a biopsy was I diagnosed.

i think it is good to be assertive. The sooner you know what is going on, the sooner you can begin treatment, if needed, or take a sigh of relief.


Many hugs


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