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Herceptin premedication

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Hi ladies! Wondering how many of you on Herceptin or have had it routinely got Benedyl and Steroids before it was given? I thought most women tolerate it well. Also thought risk of allergic reaction is rare with it. What side effect was the worst if any at all? How long lasting after infusions?

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I have been getting Herception every three weeks sinnce January 2013. My only premed is benadryl 50 mg IV, and tylenol. no steroid. (happy about this). The benadryl gives me a little nausea then knocks me out for the next 15 hrs! I sleep through the entire infusion, my husband drives me home and tucks me in for the rest of the night.

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I get Herceptin once every three weeks.  I just get Herceptin.  When I was getting taxol they had steroid premeds Though.

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Because herceptin is an antibody, it is possible to have a reaction.  I take herceptin and perjeta together and I have been plagued with debilitating, temporary joint pain (can't move my shoulders and jaw) that shows up about 48-72 hrs later and last about that same length of time.  Because I take both, and both are antibodies, I can't tell which one is causing the reaction.  I take ativan and pain meds and knock myself out until it passes - both my oncologists and nurses have told me to do this.

My oncologists tell me this is an antibody reaction and not to stop the steroids with therapy.  I don't get benadryl, but I take claritin for a few days before and after and that has helped a little.  I hate benadryl as it agitates me and makes me feel awful (I know I am the only one who doesn't get sleepy from it...lol).

Time will tell if you have any problems.  If you are lucky and don't, then you might discuss doing without the premedication. 

Good luck and I am sending hugs and prayers that you have no problems at all!


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