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Tired of Pinktober

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Having had enough of everything being breast cancer awareness (even my prescription refills come with pink breast cancer awareness caps), I posted the following as my FB status.  I also made an additional significant donation to my surgeon's research project - if what he's working on comes to fruition, there will be a lot of happy people on this forum!Alice

Support Cancer Research! Please share.

In honor of “Pinktober” I made a donation to a research project in colorectal and rare cancers. Let’s use the pink to remind the world that there are other cancers for which awareness could save lives; other cancers that need research dollars. Most cancers don’t have enough survivors to get large a movement going.

This month, make a donation to cancer research or support to honor you or your friend or family member who struggled with any cancer; colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood cancers, brain cancers, rare cancers, to name a few. Make the donation for general research or dedicate it to your particular cancer cause. Let the world know of your cause.

Mine is Appendix Cancer. I am a 6 year survivor, but I know many who have not been so lucky. My donation is aimed at giving more appendix cancer patients a chance of survival.

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Would if I could on this forum!

good idea. 


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"Pinktober" is nothing more than a marketing ploy used by business to generate business. My wife and I were in an east coast pizza chain a few weeks ago and the place was wall to wall pink. So, I ask the manager if they support other cancers or just ride the Breast Cancer bandwagon and she said that this show of support is put on by their marketing company in Tampa but that's the only cancer they support on a national level.

Put on my their marketing company...give me a break. I don't take anything away from anyone who's gone through a cancer diagnosis but what infuriates me about this whole sitation is that it's a marketing ploy and it gives the impression that it's the only cancer that exists. "Funny" how it's the 3rd killer after Lung and Colon yet these same compaines don't go out of their way to show their support for those cancers. I actually refuse to eat at any place that plays the Pinktober marketing game during the month of October.

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I even saw a TV Commercial regarding the little 5 Star Energy Boost bottle and someone pushing to buy one to support "Breast Cancer Awareness"

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The research and fight for a cure are critical for all types of cancer.

I have this irrational dislike of the "pink syndrom", not because I don't feel it is important, but that I feel that it causes other cancers to be overlooked by the general public.

Thanks for putting this out there in the social media.


Marie who loves kitties

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I have to agree with you Alice. I am a big football fan and all the pink and breast cancer awareness in the games on tv is driving me crazy. I feel a little guilty about that but maybe I shouldn't. Not that i think colon cancer is more important then breast cancer but i think ALL cancer research and awareness is important. I am afraid that if they come up with a cure for breast cancer the general public will loose interest in all other cancer research.

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Colons are not.

You just don't talk about bowels, colons, rectums and anus's, its 'Not nice', and thus we'll never see a national Colorrectal Cancer or Anus Cancer day. 

National cancer day. We need to cover the whole spectrum of cancers and not just the ones that don't 'gross you out'.

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While my younger sister is a 10 year survivor of triple negative breast cancer, I'm tired of all the emphasis on breast cancer.  My husband is fighting laryngeal cancer, cancer at the cervical of his esophagus and lung cancer.  I get calls wanting donations for breast cancer and I say my husband is fighting cancer and no one is soliciting donations for his cancers. 

Actually they say that heart problems in women is the leading cause of death.  So who knows the truth on breast cancer.  But you would think after all these years cures would be found for cancer, any cancer.  But then what would the drug companies do.  If they can find a way to expand a person's life with HIV you would think that something could be found for cancer.

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I wish March would be as blue as October is pink.

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I think some people tend to forget that there are other cancers.  Try to find any other color ribbons at your local craft store any time of year. Pink is big business. Blue.. Not so much.


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I agree and have been feeling guilty about the way I feel--we need to support cancer research and treatment for all cancers--Thanks for speaking out.

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Nice to know I am not the only one who feels this way.  As I went through my first round of chemo when initially dx'd .. a friend of mine was losing and did lose her BABY niece from cancer.  A newborn baby! How is it ok to only promote and poor a flood funds into one cancer  any more than another when babies are dying?  Breast cancer having its own funds to help those with financial issues, take well needed and deserved vacations free of charge, countless scholorships ... it just seems so wrong, and did prior to dx.  I just have lots more knowledge about it now.

I lost a very dear friend to breast cancer, but also relatives to prostrate, head/kneck, pancreatic and I am one of three in my family fighting now, one other from colon an another from lymphoma ... so I support the rainbow!

This is a real pet peeve of mine.

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I am so glad to see that I am not the only one that feels this way. I posted on my FB page that I was offended by it. I then posted my Blue and Purple ribbon for my colon and stomach cancers. A dear friend sent me the Rainbow Ribbon and I now have it as my profile picture. I felt bad also for feeling that way. Cancer IS cancer no matter where it is. If they want cancer awareness month, then let it be that CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and use the Rainbow Ribbon for goodness sake!!!!

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The beginning of breast cancer month was about raising awareness of this cancer since screening saves lives.   We all know from painful experience that this holds true for colon cancer.  Regular screening saves lives.  But.......as was mentioned earlier, breast are beautiful.  They  are the most natural symbol of mothers.  And whether we liked ours or not, we all have mothers.   That tugs at the heart strings.   Colons and poop are nasty. 


There definitely needs to be more emphasis put on other cancers with colorectal being at the forefront.  I'm not sure about other areas, but here we have The Relay for Life every spring in all of the nearby communities.  I believe that this is for all cancer.   Perhaps we could individually raise awareness at our town's relay about CRC.  

And I love how you put it out there on facebook!

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I believe March is the official Colon Cancer Awareness month and screenings are promoted then.  We are supposed to wear blue ...

I just do not see it promoted the way breast cancer is every day every place I go.  In fact I did not even know about March being CRC month until after my DX.  Even the grocery store on cereal boxes, on the football field, etc. .... this is where I have issues and the funds raised IMO should go to all cancer. I am not sure if it is about how easy or not it is to talk about CRC, more likely it is about money for those promoting it .. maybe it is our time to band together and reach out to these companies.  I think it is just an easier sell to these places to have them promote a specific cause rather than a general cancer awareness.  Maybe we should hit up Apple. One $ per i(whatever) sold this holiday season go to Cancer Research. 

I did have my mammogram done this month .. as well as my scope. I will continue to tell all my friends and family to get there screenings for all cancer. Smile

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Think you are right because March came in mind for me also but you never see blue ribbons out in march.  We were asked in Kroger (grocery) store to donate to breast cancer awareness month and we declined saying we would rather pay directly to colon cancer research because that's what my cancer was or give directly to the ACS.  My mom died of breast cancer and although I'm supporting their cause one month of pink gets to be too much when there are other cancers that need addressed.  We got pizza yesterday with a pink box - come on companies are spending millions to change their packaging when they can do better to just donate to the ACS.  Good for you on the mam and scope and hope all comes out great Smile



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makes almost $700,000 a year, and that only 15% of donations go to actual research (and almost nothing goes to reseach on metastatic BC, which isn't as "cute" as the earlier stages, I guess).  Most of the money raised goes to "awareness", and by that they seem to mean mostly "awareness of Komen as a brand".  There are a lot of other organizations out there that folks can donate to, that do a much better job of spending money on research that may actually save lives.

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I  agree, I am under 40 with stage 4 colon cancer, and when people find out I am dealing with cancer, they immediately assume that it is breast cancer. It is easy to find online free files such as .jpgs and .pngs to use for cancer ribbons as long as they are pink. I have scoured the net many hours looking for free files to use in such formats to adapt and use my photoshop skills etc for fundrasing I will be doing after ml  lung surgery this week.... and still have not had much luck. I am fighting like a girl, but a girl whose ribbon colour is blue not pink. Hats off to all survivors of all kinds  though !

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I know what you mean.  I am also a young CRC statistic. People are clearly not aware of this being the SECOND highest cancer related death rate for men and women combined.  

Everyone assumes I have breast cancer as well.  Continually get asked that question from those who know I have dropped out of society due to stage IV cancer ... when I see someone out ... I get the wisper ... "May I ask if it was breast cancer?"  Then I get, "Well you didn't lose all of your hair." 

I get rediculous comments like that very often, even in the chemo suite .... in all honesty .. my hair is the least of my issues or concern! Does not losing all my hair make it less cancer?  Less chemo?? Ummm ... I think not. We are all fighting the silent chemo and surgical effects every single day we wake ... from CRC. I know it is just lack of knowlegde and awareness though and try not to let it bother me too much.

Nice to know you guys GET it!

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I saw a great documentary called "Pink Ribbons, Inc" which said a lot of the same things, that companies were profiting from the pink brand and donating very little to breast cancer research. And, that much of the research done is not into environmental causes of cancer (including food we eat and products we buy. Even pink ones.)

the movie takes on that issue, as well as my fave: the "fight" against cancer.

(quote from a review) The line of critics accuses the pink-themed campaign of promoting a quick-fix mentality, focusing too much on early screening and achieving a “cure” for the disease, instead of researching causes and protection from environmental contaminants. As well, the pep-rally mentality of the movement obscures women’s fear and suffering. The case is made forcefully in interviews with a half-dozen women in a support group who are facing death from the disease: “The message," one woman says, "is that if you just try really hard, you can beat it,” while those who died "weren't trying very hard."

And, it turns out, Self Magazine and Estee Lauder stole the pink ribbon and changed the color to make it more feminine and pleasing!  http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=26

All the colon cancer stuff presented to me at my hospital was brown!  Wonder how they came up with that color! Yell


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though I wish you weren't here under these terrible curcumstances. 

I've been appauled at how many stage 4 colon cancer patients there are, and wish that people would know to be ultra aware of their bowels and bowel habits. Insurance won't cover a colonoscopy under 50, yet too many people are far too advanced in their cancer at that stage. Something MUST be done. 


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