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Xeloda- Dose- Mouth Sores

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I recently finished my first round of Xeloda. Two weeks pills and I am in the 5th day of no drugs. My dose was 2800 mg twice a day. I am a big man, 250lbs, 6ft. I am wondering if this is a normal dose. and, what did your Onc give for minor mouth sores? Mine prescribed a Lidocaine "swish and swallow" and I do not like it. Minor side effects, but felt lousey 2,3, and 4 days  after Pills. Thanks in advance for reading and your answers. Always the greatest---love ya.

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I was on IV 5FU, but also had to deal with mouth sores.  My onc recommended taking equal amounts of salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), mixing in tepid water, and rinsing multiple times every day.  I kept a jar of the mixture, scooped a spoonful into a cup of water, mixed, and rinsed my mouth at least 4 times a day, or whenever I went into the bathroom for any reason.  I did this throughout the entire course of chemo, not just on chemo days.  It worked pretty well for me.

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Hi. My initial dose of xeloda pills was 2000 mg twice a day - I am not a six foot man!  not sure what is normal but that dose approximated yours. Did this for 5 mos.  no major mouth sores but brushed teeth often and gargled occasionally with baking soda and water when my retainer dug into my cheeks... Had no problems

now my xeloda dose is 1,000 mg/ day constant - no breaks. What they call "metronomic"


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I also swished with salt and baking soda. I think I did 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 bakng soda in one cup of WARM water. It worked wonders. Tasted a bit nasty but the results were well worth it as I had sores on my gums and tongue. 

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I mixed the soda/salt solution and probably don't use it enough. I really don't have a problem yet, but definately did not like the lidocaine.

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My Onc told me to use the soda/salt/warm water four times a day regardless wether or not I had sores. He said it would help to keep them away. Sure enough, when I didn't use the wash the sores would start up.  

Its a pain I know, but it they don't get too bad, the soda/salt is really a cheap and easy way to go.

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Thanks Trubrit. I'll do it whether I think I need it or not.

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That sounds like a high dose.

I started at 2000/day.. after a few rounds moved to 2500 and then moved back to 2000 as I was having horrible finger sores.. then moved back to 2500 once they healled and am now on 3000.

Haven't experienced the mouth sores yet on Xeloda,, however did on 5FU..

Good Luck you will have to find for you what helps. I used Listerine.. an oldertimer on this site told me to and it worked..


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lysine and a prescriptions called magic mouthwash

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Nana b
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Magic wash mouth. It kills the pain and numbs the mouth.  google and ask your ONC or pharmacists about it. It works. The best to you. 

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