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meds change

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my daughter is 31yrs old, battling breast cancer on and off for 3 yrs. at this point she was on gemzar/carboplatin for a few months, because of recurrence. but at this point

her onco recommends that she stays on gemzar only for awhile. (to use the combo in the future when needed :( ). did anyone have such experience, and could you let us know

what was the pros and cons? and what about tests? even if she has some bone pain, they would like to wait on it and do a pet scan only in a few wks. thx

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I can't help you but someone will definitely be on line soon I am sure.  I don't recognize the meds.  Just wanted you to know I have read your post and let you know I wish your daughter well.  The next text hoping will answer you questions.

New Flower
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I am very sorry that you and your daughter has been going through. The combo is very strong as well as Gemzar   if your the cancer is stable it is ok. If pain is a life-threatating please request PET or other examination. On the orther hand if she just had a Chemo, probably it is ok to wait couple of weeks. I personally always need 2-3 days to recover from PET itself, and often postponed it just to recover from Chemo before doing it.

Please ask your doctors for reasoning with recommendations they should explain.

Wishing you the best


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