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Leaving hospital today.

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I have been here a week and as it has been planned they are letting me go home. My brother is coming to get our stuff since my wife has been here with me the whole time we have some laguagge. She will drive us home that will take about two hours. Have to make stops cuz I can't sit yet, so ill be laying down on the back seat. 

My stay was very pleasant considering that it was a big surgery. The worst part was the constant hiccups that didn't let me breath and sleep. And of course the hospital food lol.

I still have 2 drains that will be removed this Friday alongside the sutures. Also have to master the stoma care. We will have a nurse at home helping us. 

I still have about 6 rounds of chemo and please join me in prayers that this will do it. Thanks for all your support so far, which effect on me has been immeasurable.



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to going home! No hospital food, hours to suit. Don't forget to pace yourself. I used a very thick sheepskin rug during chemo radiation to ease the discomfort of sitting. 

I am certain that we will all be with you as you continue your journey to health as the chemo mops up any stray cells. 

My very best wishes for a smooth recovery



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I was hoping you were getting to go home today--fantastic!  I'm sure your recovery will go faster at home, instead of in a hospital where they never leave you alone.  I hope the car ride home will not be too uncomfortable for you.  I'm glad your hospital stay was not a nightmare like some folks' are and that you got very good care.  You mentioned food.  What type of diet restrictions do you have at this time?  I'm sure you've lost some weight during all of this, so hopefully you'll be able to get some good nutrition and put the right amount of weight back on.  I hope Friday will go well.  A good stoma nurse will be such a support and you will adjust to life with a stoma because you have such a great attitude about it. 

I will certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that your chemo will deliver the knock-out punch to keep this disease gone for good.  Take care and update us when you can.

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Just no seeds, popcorn, fruits, uncooked veggies for a month.

yeah, at home I can get some real rest.

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I'm glad you're home!  The diet sounds very doable, similar to what I had to follow after my bowel obstruction.  I hope you will rest up and be feeling better and stronger each and every day!

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You have been in my thoughts daily. It will be good to be home I'm sure. Hopefully the chemo will not be too hard on your already healing body and be kind of like a final step in this fight to be healthy!

Once really healed ( a couple months maybe ????? ) you will find some foods that just work better with the ostomy than others. One of the most important things is to chew extra well and I still mostly avoid raw veges. What happens is that it is harder for your body to quickly absorb nutrients of some foods and they quickly pass right through almost in the same state they entered......sounds gross but it is what it is. I make a daily drink with yogurt, spinache or kale, blueberries, and whatever other fruit or vege I have in the house.......I drink about 6-8oz every morning then just a pretty wide range and variety but mostly healthy food the rest of the day. For me its more a matter of timing what I eat that was the trick in making the ostomy thing not interfer with my life.

Again, I'll be praying all goes well as you complete your treatment .........

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I am praying for you that your recovery goes well and that the chemo gets rid of every single cancer cell in your body. I am also praying that
God gives you and Mrs. Laz the strength to get through the next few weeks. You sound strong and positive. Hang in there. Sending you and Mrs. Laz a big hug!

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So happy to hear you are gong home, I'm sure after the week of being on their schedule it will be nice for you to be on your own and hopefully get some rest. I just sent some prayers your way for a speedy recovery and the ridding of the cancer. I hope you made out alright laying in the back seat. When I had my last big surgery at MSK I spent a week there and was not allowed to sit for 6 weeks I had an hour and a half trip sometimes 2 hrs each way back n forth for check ups but I laid on my side and brought a pillow, luckily the passenger seat of my car reclined nearly flat, if the traffic was real bad we would sometimes pull over so I could switch sides. Just thought I'd share that in case you can see if someone has a car with a seat that reclines all the way, good luck this week, keep us posted.

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You have been a real soldier going through all this and I am so happy you have your bride by your side.

Get lots of rest. Your body is going to heal up just fine with all the prayers from us here on this board and from me and my church.



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