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Surgery update

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Good afternoon ladies :)

It's nice to be posting results today.

Today i'm not feeling the fuzziness of the anesthesia.

So, I went in on Wen @ 11:30a. I was hooked up and ready to go into surgery @ 12:30p. My surgeon started early. We were scheduled for 3 hour surgery.. took 4.

I don't remember anything after surgery..just waking up in my room, around 6:30p.

The Davinci was successful for my surgeon, he was able to remove everything and through five small holes. he also took 4 lymph nodes.

He tells me I will know the pathology report in about a week. That's when he will let me know if there will be any further treatment.

Thur. I woke up around 6am in my hospital room... antzy. lol! I still had my catheter (it gave me no troubles, thank goodness) My nurse told me that I would have the catheter untill about 11:30A. I was so antzy that @ 10:30a I was up and walking around my room. I was released @ 4:30p... after having urinated on my own 7 times and walking about the halls. They let me walk myself out of the hospital.

Fri. I woke up a bit rough.. I slept flat and my body stiffened up... truth be told, I cried getting up. So the next next night I used my arm pillow and about four other pillows to prop myself up. This has worked well for me. I sleep with one of those pillows low behind my back... to grab onto as a way to sit up straight. I hobbled around the house this day..napped and hobbled.

Sat. I woke up and again felt pretty good. I'm a bit swollen and tender. But at times can forget that I've JUST had major surgery.

Sun. today I no longer feel the fuzziness of surgery. I'm sore but feeling well. I had my first bowel movement today(scared me a little) lol! Dr. told me it could take a week and varies with patients. felt even better afterwards. haha!

I am amazed at how fast everything has happend. I'm taking it very easy. Letting my body heal. loads of rest and fluids.

Not feeling any symptoms of menopause. Surgeon said it could take a bit for the body to figure it out.

So far, I feel damn good for what I just went through.

Now I await my results.


Thanks to all of your for the kind thoughts and prayers!!





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I was so impressed with what they can do these days!  So glad to hear you are getting about.  Treat your body gently and keep us posted.

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Impressed is for sure the right word to use.

When I woke up and was ready to make phone calls and really, just felt pretty good.

It's very impressive even how I feel today.

Amazing how far we continue to come with technology.


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Didn't I tell you?

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Double Whammy
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Most of my friends have had hysterectomies for various reasons - some open, some vaginally, some laparoscopic, but I was the first robotic assisted hysterectomy in my peer group.  Every single one of friends who had had hysterectomies previously  could not believe how good I felt.  I needed no pain meds and found it hard to believe I had so much "stuff" done to me.  I woke up with minimal pain, took drugs in the hospital because they were offered, but took nothing once home.  I did act like a princess and rest and generally took very good care of me, but I felt darn good.

Glad you had a similar experience.  Hope the pathology report brings no surprises and remember, just because you feel good, don't lift and don't overdo.  You had major surgery. 


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It was good to hear you did well after your surgery.  Just remember to not over do it.  Hoping you get good results from your pathology report.  Thanks for keeping us updated. Nin peace and caring.

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