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Cialis or tadalafil

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Can anyone recommend a good and safe place online to buy Cialis or tadalafil.

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I've used Progressive Rx to buy cialis.  No problems w/the medication but they're in India and it takes a month to deliver your order unless you want to pay A LOT of $ to get it sooner.


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I've used NorthWestPharmacy.com out of Canada, as my surgeon recommended them.  He wrote the prescription, and I faxed it to them. 

     Phone:   866-539-5330,   Fax:  866-539-5331,  Open 7 days a week

They were very pleasant folks to talk to and work with, and the Tadalafil arrived within 2 weeks.

There is no guarantee regarding where the prescription will be filled from, and for my order, it was filled by Zapatero International Ltd in Mauritius.

My total out-of-pocket cost was only 60% of what just my co-pay would have been under my very good health insurance prescription plan.

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I use Polar Meds, They are in Winnepeg. Cost is a fraction of what you pay if going through a local pharmacy. Biggest drawback is it takes a long time to get the medication - usually at least two weeks after they get the prescription, and it takes about two weeks for mail from US to Canada. Keep in mind Cialis offers a free 30 day supply of 5 mg tabs once per year, so you can have your prescription filled anywhere at no cost.

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