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Update on Zach/BigmanforChrist-UPDATED

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I just wanted to let you know that Zach is in the hospital today.  His wife came home yesterday afternoon to find him on the couch, unable to speak or move.  He is doing a little better now, a little more responsive, and is having an MRI done to check for tumors pressing on the spine or brain.  I'll let you all know how he's doing as I get updates.

Please keep Zach and his wife Janelle in your prayers and thoughts.  Send them some positive energy, or bright sparks of life, or whatever feels right to you.  I am going to spend my morning asking the universe for healing for this young man.

Thanks, and lots o' love~AA

UPDATE:  Good news!  The MRI showed no tumors affecting the brain or spine.  They think it's possible that  a recent change in his pain meds may have triggered the problems.  He is talking more, and they hope he'll be walking normally again ina few days.  They will be seeing a neurologist tomorrow, just to make sure they haven't missed anything.  His wife is going to go home for a shower and some rest, after being up all night.

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Thank you for the update. I have been wondering how he is doing.

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Thanks for the update on Zach.  How terrible for his wife.  Many hopeful thoughts of healing and ((HUGS) of comfort for the family....I agree, it is a good way to spend time wishing well for others.


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It's hard to know what to say in tough situations like this. I wish you the strength and the wisdom to get trough these difficult times. I'm keeping you in my heart sending you support and love.


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I am sending positive thoughts & good vibes to you & your lovely wife. I wish you both strength and hope to overcome this setback.



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...and thinking of you both. A silent hug from Petra

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I'm so sorry to hear this.  Glad to hear that he is doing better.  Sending up prayers right now. 


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I'll pray, send good vibes, sparkles of light, everything I have will be directed Zach's way. 

Thank you so much for the update. I always fear for those members who cannont get on the forum, or if they pass, like our dear Vickilg, and loved ones don't know how to let us know; we sometimes never find out; so I'm glad you are in-touch. 

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okay AA thanks so much....switching focus onto Zach....sending energy prayers love at this time....darn ....poor little guy.....so young....


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Oh dear, that poor man....  Sending warm thoughts, and as our dear friend Roger would say, sending sparks of love your way too.

Thanks for letting us know Ann.


Cathleen Mary
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Zach and Janelle,

You are both in my heart, prayer, and every good thought. May you soon be well.



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Ive been thinking of Zach. He and his family are in my prayers.

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Dear Ann,

Thank you for letting us know how Zach is doing.  A scarey time for sure. 

Prayers that everything works out well for him.

Marie who loves kitties

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So very happy to wake up and hear this great news update. May he continue to gain strenght and may the Docs fix his medicines so that this scare does not happen again.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

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So glad that MRI is good and he is feeling better.  Hope he returns home soon.  Thanks for the update.


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Sounds like things are not as bad as first feared. I will keep Zachary in my thoughts and prayers. He's just so young to have to be dealing with these problems. Best of luck buddy. 

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That is such good news!! So thankful to hear that this morning! 

Thank you so much Ann for the update!

Sending prayers, strength, positive energy and hugs your way guys!! Hope things continue on this good path for you both and Zach is home in comfort soon!

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Such a sweet, sweet spirit.  Keeping you in prayer, as I promised when you were first diagnosed. 



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Thanks so much for the update Anna, That's a relief.

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He's in my thoughts,  thank you for the update AA.  

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