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Monday, Oct. 14th - Canadian Thanksgiving

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and to all our canadian teal sisters!

Do you celebrate it as we do, with a turkey and a huge meal? I look forward to ours because my family comes in from NYC and St Paul and my daughter comes home from college, so it is a great family weekend.

All the best,


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Pamela B
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Hope you all have a wonderful day in Canada!

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Wishing you and all of our Canadian neighbors a very happy Thanksgiving!


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You are way ahead of us.  Have a good one.  Blessings on you and your family.


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Enjoy your holiday!

We have your NED status to be thankful for!


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Hearty Pioneer
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Things to be thankful for:




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yum..Happy Thanksgiving.....hope you had a good one. Nothing like leftovers..val

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Susan P
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I'm an American by birth & have been in Canada45 years Cdn Thanksgiving is celebrated very similarly food & family wise.  in the US, we tied iour celebration into the pilgrims 

here I find it may be more of a completing fall food & grain harvest celebration.



I live in Western Canada where grain growing/ farming is  huge part of our economy.Central & Eastern Canada have their own farm producers.



One thing I don't miss is tne immediate jump from Thanksgiving to Chrisatmas mind you , it is Ocxt not Nov.  rignt after halloween we seem to jump to christmas


Just info  from Susan p


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Have a Happy One!  You Canadaians are smart to have Thanksgiving in Oct.  I agree with Susan...the maybe a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas really bites!   Waaaaay too much family too close together!  Debra

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