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New Flower...How was (is?) your move?

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Дорогая Олга,

How are you doing after your move?  Moving is one of THE most stressful and exhausting things in life, even if you're in the peak of health.

Thinking of you, and hoping that you're getting some well-deserved rest!




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She moved and then came down to La Jolla for a work conference. And, since I live down here, I had the pleasure of dinner with New Flower last Friday night. Let me tell you, New Flower looks great. Simply beautiful.

How things have gone since then, I don't know. I just thought it clever of her to move and then go to La Jolla:)



New Flower
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Thanks Ladies,
I know I should post earlier, just simply busy and crazy even it has been almost 2 weeks since we moved.
The good news I know where my clothes are, and i did go to work every day! !!.  I also managed to get a California gridlock ticket while driving my co-worker who had an accident.  
Part of this Saturday I spent with  my dentist reviewing a 3D image my of teeth  and Jaw.   I always make my doctors busy and surprised, guess what? I need a second opinion about my jaw.
Dummy or no the dinner at Cafe Japengo was wonderful. We had a very good time together.
We shared two dishes 
harusame noodles | jalapeño | asparagus | mint| 
grilled eggplant | portobella mushroom | hoisin
truffle broth | jemiji mushrooms | shrimp 
dumplings | bok choy | gobo root
I know you are very jealous, so we decided that it is a time for our California re-union., Let's do it. I miss you all. we alwys having fun.
 Monday is routeen 3- months Scan, fingers crossed we should do well
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Glad to hear you are all moved in and managed to find your clothes.  Could have been pretty interesting if you hadn't. Seriously, I'm so happy you were able to have dinner with Victoria.  The Vietnamese Pork sounds wonderful.  As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers, extra on the way for good results on your scan!

Hugs, Love and Prayers, 

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LOL, Olga!

Honestly, if after a move, you can find your clothes, your toothbrush, and the coffee...you're in great shape!

Keep us posted on how your appointment goes today.


New Flower
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So far doing ok drinking Apple smoothie of Readi-Catt a barium sulfate suspension for CT sscan

new drink wonderful name and applie flavor 

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