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Chemo and a cold

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I am having Chemo Treatment now!

I think I have caught a cold?

it is the 3 day weekend and my doctor office is closed as well as the cancer centre?

what should I do?

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I've had two colds since I started chemo, first turned into pneumonia and I ended up in hospital, second I'm still recovering from right now..

are you sure there's not an on call doc available? My hospital always has one for emergencies. Try calling all the numbers they give you to check. But if you're not running a fever and have no shortness of breath, my personal advice would be to just take it easy, rest and drink as many fluids as possible. 

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made by ComforablyNumb ..  call your doctors emergency telephone,  exchange numbers -

Please do not suffer in SILENCE -- GET HELP

Best of luck,  and gentle hugs for you Kiss

Vicki Sam

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Even if they say they are closed over a weekend, you should still be able to call the number and get the answering service and get the On Call Dr to give you a call (or suggest you go to ER.  When I was going through Chemo the Center was closed over 4 holiday weekends but it was made known that IF you/I had a problem call and could talk with one of the Drs - not necessarily mine but one of the Oncologist.

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Lynn Smith
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I'm a little late but when my friend had a cold she didn't have her chemo that day.Chemo really brings your body down and having a cold  also brings you down I think it would be best not to take the treatment. I would cancel if it was me.Colds can be serious and like someone said she got pneumonia.

All doctors are different.Some may say do chemo and others not.Just my gut feeling it could become more serious doing chemo. With the cold you may not run a fever now but after the treatment there could be a chance. A cold is an infection and can lead to more serious things.

Lynn Smith 

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Feelng better?  Which of the two issues is the current winner, or should I say loser?  Cold? Chemo?  Adding advice that you have already heard, call your doctor!  Call the cancer center!  speak up! And when you get the answer to this situation, find out how your are suppose to deal with the next, unexpected complication that shows up.  When I first started my cancer journey, I was going to be oh so brave and tough, but guess what, I wasn't such a hot shot after all.  During my first cancer evaluation, work up, I was given the, call at any time, for any reason phone number.  Oh, no I wasn't going to need that.  Wrong!  I did, and each time, their advice was spot on, it ranged, from, okay, sorry you are worried, but your reaction falls within normal expections, to oh, okay, we will be waiting for you at the Cancer Center Emergency Room, have you husband, bring you in now.  


So, I'll end as I started, feeling better?

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