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Squamous Cell of Unknown Primary found in Lymph Nodes

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I had left inguinal lymph node removed in May of 2012 due to the fact that it swollen and growing larger.  It turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma and a PET scan revealed that there were seven other lymph nodes in my pelvis and abdomen that were also cancerous.  This staged my cancer at stage 4, although they never found the primary tumor and looked "everywhere". Four of the lymph nodes were removed by robotic surgery at the University of Washington.  The other three, one by my kidney, one by my aorta and the last tucked way too deep to access were treated with radiation, along with the sites of all the removed lymph nodes, at Seattle Cancer Care.  During the six weeks of daily radiation I was also treated with chemo once a week, six treatments.  Following this, I was given 4 weeks to regain my strength and then started another round of chemo, once every three weeks, four treatments.  My last chemo treatment was 12-12-12.  The course of chemo treatment was to treat me as if I had cervical cancer, although as I said, no primary tumor was every found.  Since completing treatment, I have had four scans, the last one 2 days ago, that are showing me cancer-free!  Has anyone else had this type of cancer and what is your outcome?    

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