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results of genomic test

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After a little over three weeks I finally got the results of the genomic test. There were only 2 genomes that appeared hopeful for more direct chemo. Unfortunately only one of those is currently in a stage one trial in Massachusets. I can't travel back & forth and can't afford to go for an extended stay. We have opted for a clinical trial in Dallas that is also a stage 1 trial of a new drug. Don't know if it will be infusions or pills. My onc says US Oncology is making some really good advancements right now that MD Anderson is not up to yet. Travel back and forth from Fort Worth, about 40 miles, to Medical City in Dallas will be easy and we're at the point of either doing this or trying anything else that may or may not work. I still feel good and will be able to schedule treatments around my full time job, or change my hours at work.  Maybe I should have tried taking a bath in the Ganges River, or living with the Koala bears in Australia eating eucalyptus leaves, or maybe I shouldn't have eaten that icecream. Whatever, here we are and this our choice willing to let scientific advancements determine my fate. It's worked pretty good for nearly 5 years now, so I'm up to it both physically and mentally to either extend or overcome this affliction that has brought so many of us down. 

I'll remain determined to be happy, thankful, and not show weakness. Celebrating and rejoicing in the blessings of life I have had are my goal. If and when the time does come, I don't want to take anyone down with me. I want them to celebrate my life as I have.  Dan

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I know all about travelling as I had a 300 mile round trip for every chemo and then a seven week stay with some long lost friends in order to complete my radition. I was lucky to have lost my job a month before being diagnosed, so working wasn't an issue. 

I hope something good works out for you and soon. 

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I love your spirit and attitude. I wish you the best in your new journey. I hope you have many more years on this earth. We need more people like you here. Good luck Dan.

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after all, every drug we now have that works had to be a Phase 1 drug at some point.  Maybe this is the next big thing and you're just getting in on the ground floor!  And it sounds like you have a great attitude, and that really does help our QOL.  Living life fully in spite of the cancer is a big victory.

Keep us posted on how it goes.

Strength and hugs coming your way~AA

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