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Prostate & lung cancer - New information only one primary - prostate?

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I had left this board because although my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer (gleason 9) in January of 2012, he was diagnosed with another primary cancer - lung cancer with spread to bones.  He had 40 radiation treatments for the prostate, ending in May.  8 weeks of chemo for lung ending May 7th.  Lung mets disappeared and bone mets shrunk.  3 weeks agao, all is back.

In addition he had cancer in his urethra for which he just had the tumors returned.  Surgeon said that most likely HT (lupron) is not working? After checking slides again, doctors now say that there are not two primaries, all the cancer is due to the prostate.  He is not really in pain just very tired.  

I'm not sure how to interpret this news.  Choosing to look at the positive side in that at least one doctor will now handle all the treatment and we've been told treatment is the same regardless.  If anyone can shed any light I'd appreciate it.

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So sorry to read about your husbands issue. He is facing a lot! I am not in the medical field so can only comment based on my reading and other forums.

As you know the Leason 9 is not good news. Since it was the first cancer he was diagnosed with that is typically what they call the Primary Cancer. Its possible that with the Gleason 9 that his cancer had spread to other areas of the body and that is why even though in the bones and lung they are still calling it prostate cancer.

There are other drugs besides Lupron that they can try for your husband. I'm not familiar with the names but have read others posting about the various drugs.

I hope my limited input has helped a little.

Wishing you and your husband the best and staying positive is good.

lewvino (larry)

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A man named Ralph Towsend use to update us on his treatments, etc. he was taking Lupron, and Casodex.  He had mets etc.  his PSA started rising again and they switched him to Zytigia.  PSA came down.  I would see if you can switch to this.

Good luck,



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I remember some posts from him. How has fared. I hope well.

wil have to check out Zytiga



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As you know there are many new drugs for prostate cancer. I suggest that you engage an expert Medcial Onocologist to handle your case, the best that you can afford. For example in the United States there are about 30 Medcial Oncologists that specialize in Prostate Cancer. Also major medical centers are excellent places for treatment.


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Thanks to all.  It's sometimes so overwhelming.

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I am very sorry for the news about the progress of the cancer.

I would recommend you to consult an oncologist of the grade of Dr. Myers. It seems that your husband is confronting a systemic case which requires target drugs like Zytiga. For bone metastases there is Alpharadin (Xofigo) which is known to kill PCa in bone. You can listen to Myers’ comment on the drug in this video;

Other drugs that are usually recommended for advanced cases similar to your husband’s are chemo based. These may be used in combination with second line HT drugs such as Leukine plus Xtandi. For refractory patients Docetaxel (Taxotere) and Jevtana (Cabazitaxel) are recommended but they are associated with nasty side effects and need vigilance when administered. Some doctors prefer to use chemo before the second line HT drugs. You need to get second opinions on everything before deciding, trying to keep QoL as the prime goal.

In all, your husband needs to be fit to counter the effects of the drugs and needs to care for any intra-reaction of the medicines when taken together. This includes any medication he may be taking or will need to care for other illnesses (pain, heart, etc).

I would suggest him to get the lipids tested constantly to verify for anemia or iron deficiency, etc. Fatigue is common in PCa therapies. Nutrition is important and I highly recommend you to get a copy from this link to follow;

I recall that your husband is close to the 80th. Here is a video of Dr. Myers speaking about PCa in older patients;

My best wishes for your husband to get better. I hope you find that doctor you trust.



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your situation sounds similar to ours. you are the first one that I have seen a post where the cancer has spread to the chest. My husbands is in the chest lymph nodes, maybe, is that where his is?

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