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6 month scans coming up next week.

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I had bloodwork done today in prep for my 6 month scans next week.  Onc office said some stuff on my last labs were cause for a little concern...indicated my eGFR was one of the issues, along with creatinine. So my scans are set for next Thursday, and then I see the oncologist on the following Tuesday.  This will be the first time I will have a chest CT, along with my abd and pelvic CT.  Usually just have chest X-ray.  Oh, and the oncologist I'm seeing now is the head of cancer research at the cancer center!  Can y'all keep your fingers crossed for me?  I've kind of got an icky feeling about these scans for some reason.  I've also been having kidney pain in my left kidney and something vaguely feeling like a UTI or cystitis....no blood in the urine, but that "last dribble YOW!" feeling, if you know what I mean. :/. Urine is also getting a little bit darker even though I'm drinking 5 16 oz bottles of water a day.  I'm about to float away! LOL. Anyhow, wish me luck for next week.  In the meantime, I'm going to ride my bike, walk, and melt some glass!

party on, y'all!

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Good luck on those scans. For your GFR keep the BP low. I had my first chest CT this year for other than Cancer issues. Sometimes they show small nodules in the lung that are not picked up by a chest xray. According to my doctor those nodules under .8 cm are no big deal.




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Wishing you clear scans! Maybe you should go in to check if you have a UTI? Good luck!

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I wish you luck on your scans. Hope you're all clear.

I have scans next week too. It's my 18 week scans from the study I'm in. It is 11 months since my tumor was discovered. I'm hoping I'm still NED too.



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Thanks, y'all.  My BP is staying around 100/65, so I think that is all under control.  I had a UA a couple of weeks ago, and everything was perfect, so I don't know.  If it gets worse in any way, I will go see the urologist.  Right now, it just kinda "grabs" me right at the end...no other pain except the side pain every once in awhile.  I'm just hoping for no more growth of the liver lesion and of the sub-microscopic spot of the left kidney.  I know I have scarring from histoplasmosis in my lungs, and I'm hoping nothing else shows up besides the existing granulomas.  Our 18th anniversary is on the 20th, and I told Bill I fully expect to celebrate our 38th with him.


forgot to add to Todd....I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your scans to come out best possible!!!

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All the best Tillie, will be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed!

Djinnie x

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Todd, wishing all the best with your scans next week, scan times will never be easy!

Will be thinking of you!


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Tillie and Todd,

Wishing you both great scans. John (one putt) has his Wednesday as well. Let's hope we hit a triple with great results for everyone.


And, Tillie, I think it's great your oncologist is head of the cancer research center. That ensures he is on top of the latest cancer findings pertinent to your case, the latest drugs, any new research and/or trials available, etc. etc. etc. John's doctor also heads the kidney cancer research area at Hopkins, and we couldn't be more pleased to have the benefit of his expansive knowledge. 

Let's click those wine glasses for good news everywhere. . .

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Thinking of you both as you approach these upcoming scans and praying for excellent outcomes!  Alice, tonight, I shall raise a glass of wine and toast to clean scans for our comrades!

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God Bless!! :)

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