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Kidney friendly pain med?

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I have been trying very hard to be friendly to my kidneys since my partial nephrectomy...drinking lots of water,eating healthier, walking more....my question is what is the most kidney friendly pain medicine for an everyday type headache or other common aches and pains? I read that ibuprofen is not good for kidneys but what about acetaminophen or plain aspirin? Would love to hear your thoughts...thanks!

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Hi, Over here in France the only pain killer they will recommend for headaches or aches and pains, is paracetamol.  


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Just went to a "Healthy Kidney" seminar put on by Fresenius.  For all of us, diabetes or no, the recommendation is limited amounts of aceteminophen.

No aspirin, it is an anticoagulant, and no NSAID Non steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs like Aleve, Advil, Motrin as they are hard on the liver and kidney(s).  Read the labels or ask the pharmacy clerk if you're not sure.

Hopefully the pain will resolve itself.  Of course there's always a beer or wine glass.

I had a LOL moment while reading the comics this morning.  The guy asks the waiter, " By the way, why do you charge a corkage fee for a screw-top bottle?"  and the reply is, "Because it sounds better than a "screwage fee."l 

Good afternoon to you all.


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Why no aspirin?  Are you talking about full strength aspirin?   I am on a baby aspirin a day and the surgeon didn't tell me to stop it (well, he did before my surgery).    I know it is an anticoagulant.



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I'm on a daily low dose asprin, for heart health, regimin as well, doc said "Some times you have to pick your poison." which I took to mean that the heart is more important than the kidney.  Most OTC pain relievers are okay for a very short term use, talk to your doc for anything long term.

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Thank you so much! I will stick to the Tylenol ...good health wishes to both of you

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