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Just Starting

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Hey Everyone.


I am a 29y/o out in CA, married with 3 kids and 1 due in November.  I had been watching a 'growth' in my left testicle for about 6-8 months - but oculdn't afford to have it checked out due to no health insurance.  I finally had an infarction 1 night while coaching my sons football practice and ended up in the ER which led to the discovery of a tumor and orchiectomy.  The tumor itself was 9x4.5x3.9cm and 50% embryonal, 30% choriocarcinoma, 15% yolk sac and 5% mature teratoma.  I just started a brand new job(4 days after the orchiectomy) which will finally get me health insurance(November 1 couldn't come any sooner!!)  My AFP post-op was 43.8(reduced by 50%) and hCG at 2499(reduced by only 100).  I went to UCLA for a 2nd opinion and after a subsequent blood draw, my hCG numbers were up over 3000.  I have my initial consult with the oncologist today and chemo set to begin in the near immediate future. The timetable initially was allowing for me to have my helath insurance kick in in November, let my baby boy be born and then begin treatment - within the last few days, I received a call from the medical staff at UCLA and an update that "it's not safe" to  wait until November - hence the oncology appointment today.  I'm a bit worried as to why the speed up in timeframe since the CT scans, x-rays, etc have showed no reaso nto believe there is spread.  I understand that digital photographs don't always allow to see the whole picture - yet I am suddenly more worried than I was a week ago.  Any advice?

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im no expert . but im a tc survivor and all i can tell you is, do what the onc says, tc has a 97% survival rate when caught in time.

i let my pain and mass on the right testicle go for about 3 months...

when i finally had the courage to go , they found the mass thru ultrasound and 3 days later i was having an orchiectomy.

after that i had a port inserted in my chest (sounds freaky but it really is nothing and i prefer it to be poked every quimo day thru my veins)

then came my chemo. 4 rounds of etoposide and cisplatin, hair will fall off, nausea like you wouldnt imagine but guess what??

i finished it and so will you!

i went to 2 post chemo checkups and both came back clear (cta scans and blood work)

so my biggest thought on this is : Dont be afraid, never let anything keep you from getting attetntion (specially money) theres a lot of programs out there that will help you,

i had no insurance, just some savings but that got me started. yeah i have bills now but...im back at 100 % feel great my hair is back ( curly but its back!)

and definetly do what the doctors suggest.


if you have any questions and want to talk to someone who has gone thru this already . send me a message or you can even call me i dont mind talking to a fellow survivor, because you will survive this!!

send me a message if you need to talk.


wish you the best 



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The spread of cancer works in many ways. You need to understand that the spread through lymph nodes is possible and that can lead to other scenarios that can create a bigger challenge for both doctor and patient. Keep your stress to a minimum and follow the doctors advice. Passing one exam doesn't mean that you'll ace them all.  You need to be proactive. Insurance will still be around long after you or I. But the sense of urgency heightened by your doctors may suggest that your sense of urgencey should be more focused on you and not insurance.  As a survivor since 1997, I continually have health issues. I'd rather be fighting the issues that have now than not ever being given the oppotunity to fight all. 97% cure changes based on each individuals timing to be proactive. I have been in remission since August 1998. I lost my left teste and still produced two beatiful children and, with that, regained life.  Married for 25 years and refuse to bow down to cancer. Get your game face on and go WIN!

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Thats great.... Just wnated to what type of TC you had? Did you have any further treatment other than IO? 


And also any changes in your food diet you have made?

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Hi dsletten


  Hope you're dong well after your chemo treatment now... Sorry I joined this forum today and late in replying.It will be very rough,tough and depressing to go thorugh it.But will overcome it and gradually you will start feeling better. Try to eat small meals and try to avoid max refined sugars and non-veg... Also try to get some walk when possible. Please feel to mail me - ourearthsaved@gmail.com

I was diagnosed with Stage !!B NSGCT last July 2013

There are many other T.C surviours too waiting to help u and for you to come back strong....

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 I thought I would say that I am not an expert but I did have testicular cancer in 1986 and then again in 1990 new separate two cancers each not we occurrence and I had radiation the first time and chemo the second time I have not had a reoccurrence since the surgeries chemo and radiation knock on wood good luck to you

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