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I don’t have cancer…today. And that’s good enough for me!

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It’s been a stressful past couple of months.  Out of the blue, a big patch of redness appeared on my left breast.  Absolutely no other symptoms – no pain, no warmth, no change in the skin or nipple.  Just red.


My oncologist thought it might be a Tamoxifen rash, so had me go off Tamoxifen for a few weeks – no change.  No worse, but no better either.


I could see that now my oncologist was worried – he sent me to the surgeon for a second opinion, and I could see worry in his face, too.  So, on Monday, he did a skin punch biopsy – a walk in the park compared with a core needle biopsy, but I did need a couple of stitches.


And then the waiting.  As you all know so well, I didn’t breathe for the next 48 hours.  I don't know what I accomplished at work the past 2 days, or remember any conversations I had -- I have no idea.


Thankfully, my surgeon called me with the good news last night – BENIGN!  I realized this is the first biopsy I’ve ever had that didn’t come back positive – I didn’t know what to do!


My surgeon thinks I may have breast lymphedema – I see him on Monday to get the stiches out, and we’ll talk then about what next steps I should take.  But – for today – I don’t have cancer.  I’ll take it.




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I am doing the HAPPY Dance for you...


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I think you need to have a long talk with your breast about behaving itself.  I mean clearly it didn't get the message the first go around!  All kidding aside, I'm so sorry you have had to deal with this awful stress the past couple of months but am very happy to hear that it is not cancer! 

If you still don't know what to do with yourself may I suggest a margarita? 

Take care,


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A negative biopsy? WOW! That is worth celebrating. Here, let me go make you a gin and tonic. Drat. Can't attach it to this post without spilling so I'll have to drink it. Here's to good news!

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...but I'm at WORK!  I need to be able to get myself home without embarrassing myself on the train!

Actually, those of you who've been with me through my post-treatment mammograms these past 3 1/2 years know that my celebratory drink of choice is a froufrou iced coffee drink the size of my head from Coffee Bean.

Last night, after I hung up the phone (and after we stopped hugging and crying), I said to my girlfriend, "Get your car keys.  We're going to Coffee Bean!"


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Oh, Traci, that is such great news!  You must have been so worried!  I'm so happy for you!



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Hi Traci,  It's been awhile.  I am so happy for your good news.  (It's funny when an ailment like lympedema is good news, isn't it?) xoxoxo Lynn

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Hi Traci,

What a wonderful word, BENIGN!!  Sorry you had to go through another biopsy, but so happy you are OK.

Hugs to you,


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Double Whammy
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I know exactly where your mind went and I'm so sorry for the experience.  But I am so happy all turned out ok.  Have to say, tho, I wish you'd shared your worry with us so we could have parked the bus in front of pathology while waiting for results.  For now I'll say WHEW!


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I'm doing the happy dance for you.  One, two, three kick, one, tow, three jump, one, two, three skip.  Oh, my gosh, now I am exhausted, happy, but exhausted.   Hope that you enjoy your celebratory coffee bean drink. 


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Big sigh of relief all round.  Seems we have to be very aware of any change, pain etc.  Great news.

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That's good news. We all know about the waiting and worrying.

Now, about your celebratory drinking pattern... these coffee things are so tame. If you're taking a train to and from work, there's just no reason to skip the double margarita at lunch. That's what the train is for. Imagine the change in your work performance -- why assume the worst? Maybe you'd come back more creative and innovative. You just don't know:)

Sorry you had anxiety, but so glad you're okay.



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I say celebrate with a "frou~frou" coffee drink.....oh, at least once a week! the size of your head! My word, I bet you could accomplish many things and not remember what all you did during that caffeinated storm! (storm...brewing....Lol) gotta wash down those pumpkin chocolate swirl brownies from TJ's....

smiling, celebrating with you today!


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What a scare you just had! Congratulations on negative biopsy! Sometimes things do turn out ok, don't they?

Be well, Carmen 

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Jean 0609
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Sorry that you had to go through this Traci, but so happy about the results!  Hope you have a great weekend!





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would be something that we 'Sisters in Pink' want to hear?   Hap Hap Happy Dancing for you this morning, Miss Traci...

Time to dance, and make a batch of those 'Pumpkin' brownies!


Vicki Sam


New Flower
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Hi Tracy,

Negative is a good word we love so much. Welcome back from the dark place of uncertanty and what if .. sorry for your scare, and anxiety.

Time to celebrate and have a party!!!


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Bella Luna
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Raising my cup of joe in honor of your Good News!  Cheers!

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I'm so glad it wasn't the dreaded "c" making a return visit!  Yay for the Coffee Bean and your girlfriendSmile  Linda

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So sorry to hear you had to go through that.  What a crappy scare to have.  Extra Super happy for the good results!  Make a few extra trips to Coffee Bean - you deserve it!

Love & Hugs,

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Traci, right take your good news today!   Dance, sing, celebrate, drink, and in my case it would be shop!

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Yea Good News Traci, Those scares are aweful but Good News is always what we want to hear and celebrate!


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What fantastic news!  So stressful I am sure, but I am doing cartwheels for you this am.  Big hugs!

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