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Need a hug here

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Spent all day in the hospital today having another bone scan.  It didn't look good at all.  In my previous life I was a veterinary assistant and do know how to read scans....  Last June I had my first and immediately spotted the 'light bulb' tumor sign, sure enough, It had spread to the spine.  Today there were 3 more light bulbs, lower left rib and 2 on the left pelvis (where I have had some pain)

Feeling very annoyed with this 'ignorant and rude disease'...How dare it?............. Again?...... enough already!


Just fishing for a hug or two, really kinda resigned to this now. Sigh.

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I am sending you tons of hugs and prayers your ways, hope they get to you soon.


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You can have some. I'd love to stomp my feet and scream unfair, but it won't do any good.

Big huge hugs to you.



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I'm reaching out and putting my arms around you.  UMPH!!  Well, maybe that was a little too strong but it was chock full of love and kind thoughts.   This *$%($*# disease really sucks big time.  My heart goes out to you.  


New Flower
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I am very sorry. 

Sending you hugs and positive thoughts

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Tasha, sending tons of hugs to you. I am really sorry. Hang on.


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cyber hugs heading your way..


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Christmas Girl
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Omigosh, J!!! Just read your thread about pain relieved... now this... :-(

I hate cancer, dammit!!!


Again - DAMMIT!!!


Kind regards, Susan

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Tasha, I'm so sorry to hear this. You've been through enough. It's not fair, dammit. Not Fair!


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Sending you many, many, many hugs!!!


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Double Whammy
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to You.  Lots and lots. 


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positive thoughts coming your way!   Damn beast ---


Vicki Sam

Lynn Smith
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It must be hard.We all worry about when it will hit again and where.I've been lucky so far but it's always on my mind.The other day I had a stomach X ray.Just to look around.NO CANCER.Now that is taken care of for a few years.But the other body parts you worry.Where will it strike next???

Wishing you the best.You're different than me.I don't look.In fact my doctor the other day told me to look at my X ray.I glanced.He said I have a ulcer but I can live with that.  No wonder I have one with all the cancer worries.

Lynn Smith

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Awe Hun... wrapping up the biggest cyber hug I can muster... and sending my love too!! 

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And more, and more, and more!!!


Hugs, kathi

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I needed that!  Thanks all j xxxxx


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Shoot.  I would like to say something stronger.  What treatment will they do for this?  I think we should, or those who can, all meet up in the middle of the country somewhere for a weekend.  Any takers?  Please tell us what your specialists say.  XX

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Oh, this cancer, it is hard, plain and simply hard!  I hope that today was a better day.  This CSN can be very helpful.  Sometimes, it helps to simply vent, and yes, if necessary feel sorry for ourselves...

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