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Surgical report

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I just obtained my records from my surgeon as I am not happy with his follow up.  Never orders anything but 3 month blood test after radical nephrectomy with encapsulated malignant tumor.  But now, after reading report am worried about something else that he described about the surgery....found a "severely redundant and floppy liver".  He never made mention of it to me.  Should I be seeing a liver specialist now?  I am stressing beyond belief.

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We've "talked" previously, and you should request a chance to talk to the surgeon in a phone call to get a clear understanding of what was written.  It sounds like there is excess liver tissue that is not doing you any good, but not harming you.  Only he can explain it more thoroughly.

At this time, I should think you'd be under the long term care of an oncologist, as you;ve moved beyond the expertise of the surgeon (remember, there's a reason they are called surgeons...it's their specialty.)  An oncologist would have you do labs every 3 months along with seeing an oncology nurse or himself(herself); and probably order some type of "visual" test for either every 6 months or yearly for up to 10 years.  A CT, W/wo dye; or ultrasound.

If you remember, my kidney tumor was encapsulated; but had already metastacized to the liver and nodes.  The regularpost surgery CT's caught developing nodes at one year and at two years; both surgically removed.  It's been 7 years since first Dx, and 5 years NED.

If the surgeon won't give you a satisfactory explanation, ask for a referral to an oncologist.  If he won't, ask for one from your primary care doc.  And as a last resort, call and oncologists office and explain what you've been thru and that you'd feel more comfortable having an ocologist in charge of your case.

Be your own advocate; don't waste time worrying about the surgeons feelings; and YOU GO GIRL.

Good Luck.


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Ty, Donna for your reponse.

I read where a lot of patients here are with an oncologist, yet my surgeon said no chemo, no nothing just the blood test.  So when someone suggests an oncologist it scares me.  I lost my husband to throat cancer and I remember how he suffered thru chemo and radiation to no avail.

That's why I haven't contacted one.



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Depending on the pathology report, you shoul dhave followup scans every three (for more agressive) to six (for less agressive) months for at least the first year.  Right now, the assumption is you have no evidence of disease.  With RCC, NED for stage 1 with low grade disease is mostly likely cured.  But you want to get scans.  If the surgeon says x-rays are enough, you need to find someone more agressive with the scans.

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For small tumors (you did not give the size, but your bio indicates it was a parial which is only done with smal tumors) mets are unusual although rarely they do show mets. Most are followed with scans the first few years although some doctors and insurance companies may limit them since the chance of a positve scan is so little.


Ask the Doctor for an explanation of no scans and if not satisfied get anthor opinion.

Good luck.



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I understand your fear.. but a scan is the best way to allay your fear and move on..!  Keep in mind an Xray is not generally effective.  So, even though you may be low risk, you are not NO risk.. any Dr that say otherwise well... I would not trust them...  Hope all your scans are clear..!


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I think you should call to find out what that means and if you need to see a specialist. I also think you should have ct scans. I hope that you are able to get this addressed so you can get answers. 

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I don't profess to be as knowledgeable as others on this forum, but a CT scan strikes me as a reasonable thing to do.

thinking of you.



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