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Pathology report

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we just got the results and tumor was 10 cm, no cancer in adrenal or surrounding fat and the Furhman grade is 2.

the surgeon had guessed it to be a grade 3 prior to surgery because it was in spine so all in all, the pathology was a decent one.

didn't realize how stressed I had been until I spoke to surgeon since I was not going to his follow-up this Thursday because of work.

after the surgeon, we meet with the oncologist to hear recommendations for further treatment.


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I read your husband's bio and things seem to be looking up over the past 10 weeks. Keep up the good work so that we can hear the  words "looks like a full recovery"


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those ten weeks have felt like years and he has been through a lot. Getting this pathology report was much better news than we dared to expect.

the initial doctoring was so inexperienced and this disease so horrible that I would urge anyone diagnosed with it to get experienced treatment.


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am really happy for you. 

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